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Can you offer help?

Hi all,

So I'm a long-term suffer of apparent 'IBS' and I wanted to ask for some advice!

I have to go to the toilet about 5-6 times in the morning if I am going to university as it settles my nerves and also because, I think, I generally need to. I've found that the rest of the day, SO FAR, I have been okay. Of course there are difficult times, but it tends to be BETTER than when I take the day off from university. I think it's because when I am worrying, I need the toilet and when I'm not then I don't.

The reason why I find days off more stressful is because as my daily anxiety decreases I'm finding I need the toilet less often. So on days where I'm not doing anything (ie. the weekend) I don't need the toilet which leads to gas building up and discomfort. Yet when I have university I find that I'm the other spectrum where I need the toilet a lot and worry about urgently needing to go but I'm almost fine the whole of the day afterwards.

My question is: Do you think I would benefit from taking a laxative or something the night before, or perhaps the morning (if I get up early enough) and literally get it all out of my system and then continue the day? At the moment I'm taking Imodium as a preventative on days I'm doing stuff but perhaps I've been treating it wrong the whole time and would benefit more from getting it out of my system.

If so, what would you recommend?

Appreciate any feedback at all.

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sweetie I truly think that you need to see your gp and not to treat this yourself.

I have Colitis and you really need to see the gp so they can do tests and get you on the right medication if needed.

I truly wish you well and take good care of yourself.


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I’ve been to my GP and they said it’s IBS, should I book another appointment and ask their advice?


Hi Hun are the GPs treating you for your IBS ? If you have concerns it's always why's to speak to your gp. 🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx


Hi there

It looks like to me that your symptoms may be due to stress, have you thought about any kind of relaxation therapy?


The thing is, if it was stress I wonder why I feel worse on days off than days where I’m having to do stuff? I feel like days where I don’t have a routine I feel worse

I have had CBT and tried self hypnotherapy which does relax me as well as breathing exercises.


Now what you have said above actually resonates with me. When I have lots to do i.e. my husband broke his ribs 2 days shy of 3 weeks ago and it's been driving me mad as we had big plans for doing a lot of work on the garden and now that's on hold. I can do a certain amount but not all of it. I haven't been able to get out much as he has needed me, although he needs me less now, and staying indoors has been driving me round the bend and I've been getting stressed. The days where I have plans that I can work around my husband I feel so much better i.e. last week I cleared a lot out of the garage (his domain so that was a bonus!) and visited our local recycling centre twice - I felt good on both days.

Today however, the weather is horrible and I'm stuck indoors so have been on the exercise bike and will study a book I have (Thrive Programme for Emetophobia) and that will take up a fair bit of time. The Thrive Programme is really good as you start using your mind a lot and question why you feel like you do. The Programme deals with all sorts of phobias/anxieties etc and is really good.

When you don't have much to do you have more time to think and our minds work in wonderous ways i.e. I am often thinking I could be better off if I did this/that, pretty life changing stuff I think about at times and this makes me stressed.

Sorry for the long reply but the more I have to do the less stressed I feel.

I hope that this can go some way to help.

Very best of luck.



I find that as well that keeping busy helps with keeping symptoms at bay and I feel worse when stuck at home alone when its not of my choosing.


It certainly does help a lot keeping busy 'idle hands' are not good.

I really hope that you get somewhere with the doctors.


the staff at my current surgery are really nice and you also have to want to take steps to help yourself as there's only so much they can do for you.


Totally agree with you there. What I am doing now re my diet is eradicating as much rubbish as I can from my diet. Although my diet wasn't that bad before I would still buy the highly processed yogurts and desserts which were loaded with sugar - no more. I was looking at a chocolate dessert this week and looked at the ingredients and put it back. I made homemade custard last night for my husband, it'll be homemade ice cream for him tomorrow, I'm going to make a sourdough starter and buy Kefir. I am also buying as much organic food as I can afford (I shop in Lidls and they are starting to bring more and more organic foods in to their stores).

I also exercise and can never sit down with nothing to do. If I have a day that I don't have much to do I go on the exercise bike and find other things to do. I don't mind sitting down in front of the TV in the evenings but I could never ever do this in the day time.


Hi there, I would go and discuss everything with your Gp. Taking laxatives and or immodium is something I wouldn't recommend without a chat with you Gp. If you have to then book a double appointment. Good luck!


its getting past the receptionist that's a nuisance. At my last surgery they did everything to stop you accessing the surgery services and I would have to really fight to get an appointment after I had threatened them with the practice manager and then they would back down and sort out an appointment!

explain to them you need a double appointment and give them a vague idea of what its for and if they get awkward ask for the practice manager.

in my current surgery they give appointments no problem and there's no one being rude.

I understand reception is a hard job but there's no need for rudeness to ill people!


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