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HELP ice lolly and cranberry experiences needed!!!


can everyone give me their experiences with the following things

ICE LOLLIES - are you able to handle these, is there any kinds of sugars I should look out for to not be in them, what pacific brands and flavours do you have

CRANBERRY JUiCE - is cranberry juice safe to drink, what brands do you use, is ocean spray ok is it too high in certain sugars?

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I drank cranberry juice for mouth ulcers for years and I was absolutely fine. Love and hugs 🤗🤗🌹🌹xx

Memimck1 in reply to Jan101

What brand?... do you know if it’s good for constipation

Jan101 in reply to Memimck1

Ocean spray not to sure if it will help constipation sweetie. Have you tried lactulose xxxx

Where you not worried about the suclurose sugar sweeteners and the Citric acid that are in them... or are these ok for ibs?

Take a look at the FODMAP diet sheets on the internet, almost everything has some kind of sugar in it. If the information helps get the book, available from the library, because its also the combination of food items that matters. It's helped me to live a normal life. Good luck.

I was really just a bit confused about the sugar suclurose... is this an ok sugar to have as many things say they are sweetened with it.

I’m confused about ice lollies too because their made with fruit so would them sugars be a no or are they ok as ice lollies are like watery...

just wanted some quick advice

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