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STRUGGLING WITH STOMACH - need food ideas please

My stomach literally hates me it flares up and feels incredible I'll if I eat too much or if I eat anything to heavy or not bland. I literally live on small amounts of rice pop cereal shortbread farleys baby biscuits yogurt and potato.

I need help in what I can eat as I'm so underweight so wondering if people could give me things they eat when flared up, specifically at dinner

How is everyone with things like rice, pasta and noodles?

What about foods such as birds eye fish fingers, birds eye chicken nuggets and birds eye potato waffles?? Are these ok do you think or not?

Specific brands welcome.

Please HELP!!!!

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Hi there

Like you I sometimes feel I'm in an almost constant battle with my digestive system, beginning with my stomach. I find that warm milk ( you can try lactose-free or A2 which seem easier on the tum!) often provides a sort of "lining" enabling me to eat with fewer problems. I wouldn't recommend any foodstuff with a batter or breadcrumb coating until you manage to get your tum under a little more control. Try chicken breast - either gently poached in stock or lightly roasted with potato (not roasted). I've found gluten-free food easier to digest, so use GF pasta, or rice noodles or rice (those individual packets of frozen rice are great) for those necessary carbs. I eat a lot of non-breaded/ non-battered white fish (I know that's not to everyone's taste). Try to take your time over eating & not to get anxious before you eat (easier said than done - I know from personal experience!). I find mashing my vegetables helps - (second childhood??), & tend to stick to carrots. A few days of chicken, plain mash & carrots is VERY boring, but certainly seems to help in calming my tum down. How are you with ice-cream or custard? Not sure how helpful any of this may be to you, but perhaps worth a try?



I agree, mainly what i live on when it is bad! I tend to have salmon and rice a lot. Occasionally have fish fingers, you can get with gluten free crumb. Cant stomach yoghurt or custard though although i like them.


Custard is a definite no no for me & I love it! But it hates ME!!😢😢


Thank you this was really helpful... I did think that maybe just plain fish fillets or chixken breasts woukd be better then processed and batted ones... I read somewhere it's bad to eat fish everyday.. is this true? I also worry I won't cook it right and cause myself food poisoning 😂😔

What about frozen potato products such as waffles or smiles that you can buy do you eat these?

Does mashed/pureed veg make it easier on the STOMACH? I've always worried about veg due to its sugar content??

What rice brand do you have? Is rice good when your feeling really unwell then I read that it is very bland and easy to digest but was unsure... how do you cook it microwave or hob? Does either make a difference?

. I find I struggle with custard as too rich but yogurt and fromage frais is fine however I already live on 4 yogurts a day so don't want to have anymore of these.

Your advice has been very helpful it horrible living like thi not knowing what will or won't set off a flare up or nake you feel ill.... I just want to eat 😔 and I really want to gain weight.

Thanks x


Hi there

I eat fish at least 4 times in one week (often more) & I've never had an adverse reaction. The easiest way to cook fish is to oven bake it. Place your chosen fish onto some non-stick paper (which is on a baking tray) skin-side up, add a drizzle of oil or a knob of butter, a sprinkle of pepper & place some foil loosely over. Place into a hot oven, check it after 10-15 ( if cooking from frozen) minutes by sticking a knife into it. If you're not sure its cooked as much as you'd like it to be, re-cover & put back into oven. Try not to panic & overcook it though as you'll end up with a tough piece of fish, let alone losing the vitamins etc.Cooking time will very much depend on the type of fish you're cooking & how thick the piece is. Frozen potato waffles & my tum don't get on well at all. A quick way to cook a jacket potato is to prick the skin well, place into a microwave oven until just soft, then finish it off in the oven, perhaps with your fish.

Re mashed veg - when my tum is playing up, I like to make its life as easy as possible in the hope it "returns the compliment", & mashed food seems to help. ALL fresh fruit & veg contain NATURAL sugars - & usually our bods are "programmed" to cope with them. Have you considered asking your GP to refer you to a dietician who may be able to help allay your concerns?

Re the FROZEN rice - I buy a bag containing 4 separate sachets (plain white rice) which can be stored in the freezer from my local supermarket (usually "Tesco"). Just follow the cooking instructions on the packet. Can be eaten with the fish or chicken.

Hope this helps



What kinds of things do you eat with your rice... sorry for all the questions... I also have a phobia of being sick so I like double check everything when It comes to food


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Do you know if you have any particular food allergies/triggers? I have been the same the past three years struggling with what I can eat that won’t cause my stomach to flare up, and I have lost a lot of weight. Recently going to the doctors with my concern he tested me for coeliac disease-which came back negative. But he then asked me to try some elimination diets to see if that helped. So first I tried a dairy free diet for a whole month-this made me feel less nauseous but I still had bad flare ups-diarrhoea. I am currently on a gluten free diet, and I have been amazed at the difference, I still have have a couple of flare ups-I’m not sure whether they were stress related or whether it was food. But you’d be surprised how many foods contain gluten. I haven’t lost any more weight, and I do feel a lot better. So it may be worth trying to find out if you do have a particular trigger rather than just introducing new foods. I also have done a diet/flare up diary so that I have a record and can show the doctor what has been happening.


I eat the exactly the same foods everyday and this is because theyvare the only foods that don't cause severe sickness so I just stick to that but it's not nutritious at all and in very little amounts so I've lost so much weight.

I think I'm fine with dairy and gluten it's just food in general that makes me feel so unwell 😔


I would try the low FODMAPS diet for a week or two. If you stick to it carefully it really calms your digestive system down a lot. Then you can start adding back foods to see which ones bother you..eat several small meals throughout the day, quantity is key, you want to give your stomach a change to digest each small meal...Google the diet. it really might help. I know it help settle my stomach down a lot.


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