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Hello I am recently diagnosed with one and I'm really really struggling. I have constant constipation and nausea and pain in my stomach. To make matters worse I am her underweight and need to find ways to gain weight but u can't eat lots In one go or anything that's got high calories so it's a vicious cycle 😔. I find i struggle with high sugar content foods too. I was wondering if anyone can help me with some questions I have:

What foods are easy on the stomach small in size but high in calories?

What drinks are high in calories and sutible to drink?

PLEASE not I can't have soy and worry about the high sugar content of milk.

Is fruit and vegetables puree good as it's already broken down?

Is carrot puree Good?

What can I add to potatoes to add calories?

Can the probotics in yogurt be irritating? Is there anyone's I should avoid?

Could hot chocolate irritate Me?

What's the difference between natural occurring sugars and other sugars? If a drink is high in sugars but there all natural occurring, should I not worry about it?

Has anyone tried baby food?

I would appreciate mentioning of Pacific brands too.

Sorry for all the questions just really desperate. Thank you

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Whatever you eat, advising to keep a note of the additives. That's what I think is causing a lot of these ailments.

Good Luck.

Seems like no food is without chemical additives.

Memimck1 in reply to 2stroke

None of this really answers my Pacific questions :(

Floc in reply to Memimck1

I have had IBS for several years and I would reccomend you could try natural yoghurt with a little honey and a little fruit (not oranges as this is a citrus and will irritate your stomach). Avoid dairy and don't have large meals nor eat food late on. It's better to have a process of illumination to see what triggers your symtoms, I have done this and it helps me. Pribiotic yoghurt will help to calm the gut and puts the useful bacteria back in. The more you have an upset stomach you're depleting the gut of bateria that is needed for a healthy intestine. Avoid saccarine in drinks and foods as it can't be digested properly and will give you upset stomach. I found this out when first diagnosed.

I eat jars of baby food - pure organic apples and pears and mix them with probiotic yoghurt. I also make a lot of vegetable soup (with organic chicken stock) so that I have soothing, digestible food to hand to eat in small quantities. It's important to eat small amounts regularly to reset your digestive clock. I also take flax oil and magnesium and these measures do help me together with relaxation/deep breathing and meditation. Good luck - I can empathise with your problems.

Floc in reply to Rozzy46

The meditation helps me and went to a mindful class which helped, I have a mindful book too. Its about having to destress which is better than taking pills.

I try to make a smoothie every day of a banana(they’re fine with me), spinach, a small orange and low FODMAP berries! Gives me a good bit of energy and an immune boost 😋

Thank you for the reply thanks very useful... I ask about the baby food as I read this can be good for those with senstitve stomachs to consume as they are already broken down. I will stay away from hot chocolate. The link to the intolerance test would be very helpful. I am 5ft 3" and weigh very low (less then 6 stone) :'( i am really sensitive to everything.

Today is a really bad day. My nausea is so high that I constantly feel like I could be sick at any moment and my stomach feels like it upside down or something. Not to mention the bloating and reflux.

I recently bought this product to try and help it all and settle down my symptoms as read it was good for bad digestion

What do you think?

Thank you

Before all this get your heart checked for blockages. I had same symptoms for months. Then I had a heart attack with by pass surgery 3 blockages. What ended up was the blockages were causing food to be unable to pass. I vomited. The blockages did not allow food to pass properly as blood was not flowing throu digestive system. I'm in cardio rehab snd getting well and guess what? No ab pain and no wierd reactions to food. Get checked. They told me oh your heart is fine. No it wasn't. I almost died. Please get heart checked for blockages. Go to heart specialist. Pray.

Memimck1 in reply to Kathy1950

Thank you for the warning... I wish you all the best in your recovery 💟

Hi can you be referred to a dietician? Have a look at the low FODMAP diet and keep a food diet. Try gluten free products. X

Hi as for the high sugar issue this could be due to a candida overgrowth - Candida is a yeast that feeds off sugar. I got tested recently and found I have an overgrowth I had to do this privately as GP wouldn't! x

Memimck1 in reply to Nicki1984

What does it mean when you have Candida overgrowth how do they help sort it?

I was looking at gluten free and do eat them to an extent but found some biscuits have xanthan gum which is a stabiliser that i read is indigestable.

Thank you for your reply

Nicki1984 in reply to Memimck1

Yes even gluten free will have sugar in. Candida is a yeast we have naturally but it can overgrowth causing problems. To get rid you have to kill it off - starve it of sugars and carbs, take probiotics and antifungal supplements etc I've not started it yet (have cut out processed sugar and yeast) as researching first and trying new recipes until I feel confident. Have a look at this website x

I , too am like you, 5'3 and very underweight. I try to fill up on potatoes, rice, oat biscuits - even plain crisps (in olive oil), some bread - flat bread is good if u can get it, as it has less yeast. Sponge cake - plainish, and biscuits. Some banana as that seems ok with me, but i am dodgy with yoghurts so have jelly for dessert. Try to use lactose free milk as i think it has less sugar, as sugar in the lactose. Porridge is good in the winter. Chicken soup with few noodles esp rice noodles. I also eat meat and fish esp chicken. Trying to avoid artificial sweeteners as i think they are worse than sugar, except for stevia which is natural and in a lot of drinks now. Hope this helps

Memimck1 in reply to casares8

Thanks... sorry that your experiencing this I know how horrible it is... it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one. I basicly eat the same thing everyday... gluten free rice crispies, bread, shortbread biscuits and potatoes. I can tolerate yogurt so I have that. Was thinking rice cakes but they're all so low in calories and can't eat enough of them as I get full so easily... the soup sounds good but didn't think it was lots of calories either. It's so hard to find easy on the stomach and high calorie foods.

Wish there was some kind of drink instead ... that would be easier. Once looked into ensure and boost supplement drinks. Have you ever tried them? Not sure if they'd be irritant due to the ingredients and sugars but are like 300-500 calories a bottle 😲

What brand crisps do you eat... always worry about the salt and oil in crisps?

Thanks for your help

casares8 in reply to Memimck1

There are some drinks and shakes like herbalife, but i dont take them as i dont like creamy drinks or too much milk, but if you are ok with milk you could try. You can get low salt crisps, also baked ones rather than fried, but i just have plain crisps pref cooked in olive oil, or sometimes i find quavers good, as they are light and not fatty.

Right i am gluten and dairy intolerant and have ibs.

I went low sugar to for 8 weeks but that made no difference but i do still eat relatively low sugar seeing as i had 2 sugars in all my drinks before.

I saw a nutrionalist who told me to take a probiotic, digestive enzyme( as it breaks down fats,sugar and carbs) and peppermint oil helps u digest stop indigestion/upset stomach. I use cytoplan( no im not selling ( ive been accused of selling before) i just use them as my nutrionalist told me to as they have no added sugae, gluten or dairy or bulking agents)and after two weeks i could eat well.

I eat small meal but often so never over eat as ur get gut ache and ur colon hurts and has to work hard to digest.

I eat all meats and veg i dont puree anything i eat normal. I never eat acidy foods tomatoes and lemon

And limes oranges!

I eat alot of gluten dairy free food if i need to put on weight all supermarkets do it there great.

I never eat any breads or stodge ur pay for it....

advocados are full of good fats, they could be added to pretty much anything and would bump the calories up, I love them and they dont seem to upset me at all, I find them quite soothing ..............

Memimck1, how are you getting on? :)

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