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I’m suffering at the moment but not sure if it’s all the same thing I’ll try my best to explain, I have ibs c, reflux and anxiety everything settled down a while ago after a really bad patch. But since 2 days ago I’ve had a pain in my left side at the bottom of my ribs ( more of an ache but not constant ) I can feel it at the front and back and it feels like it’s travelling up through my shoulder blade and into my shoulder and neck like a trapped nerve, when my anxiety kicks off the doctor says it’s mainly my back muscles that take the strain, but I don’t think I’ve felt like this before. i also have a niggle down my left side of my tummy and my tummy is gurgling and noisy, I’ve not had a bm for a few days.

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I sometimes feel wind in my shoulder when it's bad but tbh I would book in to see your gp and ask them about it.


Not having a BM is not a good sign. I second pajohns that you should book a dr appointment.

One of my main symptoms when I went through a bad patch with IBS, reflux (which had me convinced and hoping it was all just an ulcer and not IBS) was sharp pain in my abdomen basically just to the left of my navel. This would radiate through my abdomen. It's weirdly not a problem anymore. Of course I have other symptoms - yay IBS and its constant challenges. Good luck and hopefully it passes!


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