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IBS flare up

I have had IBS since I was 18 and I am now 63. I have had a bad time with IBS for the past few weeks, that is how long the flare ups last when I get them. I was so relieved last week when my tummy settled down, at last I was pain free and no more rushing to the toilet! Yesterday it all started again, had to rush to the loo and again today, my tummy ache is back back not as bad as usual. I am type 2 diabetic and suffer from anxiety . I am hoping my tummy will settle much quicker than last time, I feel so down that it has flared up again so quick, I suppose it is a vicious circle, the more one worries about it the worse it becomes. .x.

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Hi Holly, I can relate to your stress. I've had chronic IBS for the last 12 yrs,it gets me down terribly . It's took me a lot of Gastrogists,GP,Consultants,and tests,but finally I feel I've reached the top man in the UK at last. Whether he will be able to help me I don't know its wait and see. I can go to the toilet for a BM 3-4-5 times a day but each time I go the pain gets worse. I've also tried no end of medication. I can really Empethize with you I wish sometimes I could just wiggle my nose ( like Samanther in Bewiched ) if you remember it, and everyone in constant pain could be well. I think the anxiety comes with pain it's a human reaction. Anyway keep talking to us and Take Care sorry I couldn't be more help.


Hi Holly. I can certainly relate to your problem. I've had IBS since my early 40s, almost 20 years. I know the vicious cycle (or feedback loop) where the IBS drives the anxiety which in turn drives up the IBS. I have success with the herb daimiana. While not the most pleasant tasting, it seems to be the only thing that quickly breaks the anxiety-IBS cycle for me. I usually use it to make a cordial, but have had success just drinking it as a tea. I've had less success with the tincture and none with the capsules. I've tried other calming herbs such as kava and St. John's wort with less luck. St. John's wort also interferes with many medications. I also follow a FODMAP diet which helps. Good Luck.


Thank you for your reply, I will definately go into the health shop when I next go shopping, I have never heard of the herb but will try it, the IBS and anxiety has been worse since my Mum passed away last June, feels like a part of me has died too, hard to explain. Also, I am in the loo 20mins or sooner after I have eaten. Take care. X


Hi Holly I have had Type 2 diabetes for about 13 years and IBS for about 5 years. Are you on Metformin? its renowned for causing tummy problems. I am currently trialling managing without them by upping my insulin.


Thank you for your reply! I am on 100mg Metformin slow release which I have to take after my evening meal. I was diagnosed diabetic 2yrs ago in May and was originally on the ordinary tablets but they were upsetting my tummy. The Dr says it's likely to be IBS causing my tummy problems not the metformin and doesn't want me to come off them. I will buy some camomile and honey tea, I disliked the camomile tea on its own when I tried it before. I have tried lots of meds from the Dr but nothing helps in the long term. Take care.x.x.x.


Hi! Meant to put 1000mg Metformin! X


Thank you for your reply! I am on metformin 1000gm a day, (slow release) which I have to take all in one go with my evening meal. My Dr says it is more than likely it is the IBS causing the problem not the tablets. I do suffer from high anxiety levels and all stress seems to go straight to my tummy, I am the worlds worst worrier so I suppose that doesn't help matters. Take care! X


Hiya Holly,

I am very sorry for your loss of your mother.

I was diagnosed with ibs in my mid 20s and I am now 35.

I am just recovering myself from a bad night of pain and going to the toilet so I sympathise.

I find the chamomile and honey tea is really good for helping relaxation and relieving anxiety.

Also fennel, mint or ginger teas are soothing on the stomach.

I also take mebeverine- which does help relieve the symptoms- I would recommend going to your GP.

I also recommend seeing a counselor/therapist if you can, it can help having someone to talk to when going through difficult times. I see my therapist once a week.

I hope you feel better soon and best wishes



My heart goes out to you. I am now 60 and have had ibs since my young years. Its got worse since getting older. I lost my mum three months ago, she just died in her sleep, Im gutted as we were very close so the grief I think is aggravating my ibs. I too have tried everything but I do take buscopan when I get the first pain and then regularly to keep it in check. Im also lactose intolerant which makes it worse, so take lactose tablets before food and two peppermint enteric capsules after eating in the evening. Ive tried everything and doctors have put me on different diets over the years with no effect. So cant be bothered with them anymore. Meditation I find is rather good for the anxiety, but it does take a lot of practice to get to a certain stage with it. Hope it all calms down for you soon xxxx


Thank you for your reply, like you, I have tried everything I can find to try and help my IBS, so disheartening when nothing helps. My tummy aches often wakes me in the night, I don't think many people understand how awful it can be. I drink soya milk in tea and keep off dairy foods and I can't eat fruit, only bananas. Since discovering this forum I don't feel so alone. Sorry to hear about your Mum, I know how you feel, one cannot put it into words. Take care. X.x.x

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I dont think Ibs can be fixed


I understand that is what iam also going through and I think this flare up from antibiotics. I hope you feel better.


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