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I'm trying so hard to find meals and super easy things to eat that don't make me feel so sick and are easy to digest. I recently found a farleys rusk biscuit mixed into yogurt works well for me. So I was looking for things similar to this consistency and though of SOUP.

I was wondering if people could give me their experiences with soup... can you tolerate it if so what kinds??? Pacific brands would be extremely helpful. What things should I watch out for when looking at soups, many have onions and garlic and I know that's bad but any other ingredients I should avoid.

Again specific brands would be extremely helpful.

Thank you all

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Clear chicken soup is the best. No thick or creamy soups


What brands are clear ... I'm not sure what is meant by clear??

DO YOU know of any other really bland and easy to digest dinner ideas or snacks??


Would be labelled consommé. It’s a thin clear soup. Not sure about brands as I don’t eat tinned soup.


I tried home made soup but used onions. Took about a week to recover !


Miso soups are good .look them up as have good reviews


Make it yourself! It's so much nicer, and you have complete control over the ingredients, you can make it low-FODMAP. Can be made in large batches and frozen.

All the commercial varieties are likely to have high-FODMAP levels.


I dont know how to make soup...How do you recommend I make it like what stuff should i put in.. 🙂


Potato soup is easy. Just boil some potatoes until you can mash them. Add other vegetables and meat or fish to taste. When you add them depends on how soft you want them to be/how long the meat or fish takes to cook.

Adjust the amount of liquid to get a soupy consistency (you can also use lactose-free milk for a creamy soup). You can add cheese too (Parmesan, Cheddar, blue cheese etc., not processed cheese!) at the end, just until it's melted.

For onion flavour you can boil the potatoes with the green part of spring onions or leeks. If I wasn't on the low-FODMAP diet I would use stock cubes, but they contain onion and/or garlic, so they're out. Various sauces can be used instead, there's a whole list of them in the Monash FODMAP app. It makes finding suitable ingredients easy. Or you can just google the name of the ingredient + fodmap.


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