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Do you find it i b s network helpful or not


When I was first diagnosed with IBS years ago I looked up IBS and was recommended the IBS network.

I used it to get infomation on ibs plus links for research,

I was under the impression that it would be helpful and in some ways it is it gives you the stress Checker the symptoms checker and all the different things but lately I've been using a lot more than I originally did and finding that I'm not giving me what I thought it would.

Maybe my expectations are too high I'm not sure.

I just would like other people's opinions on it I think the charities good and what they doing is good don't get me wrong I have no problem with that works they do as it's needed.

I think for me was on the network you can ask "professor Nick" questions as well as a help line that runs a few evenings a week

The help line i have used twice in all the years i have been using the net work,

Professor nick i have asked questions and it normally ok ish but its like he hadnt read my question as the reply i have found a little odd but helpful ish anyway the last time i posted a question to him i also posted it on here and fibro community and it was about reflux medication plus bloating and pain.

I got 27 replys from all you kind people and prof nick was "see a counceller" now that a great idea and i get that if i i had a dr who would help that would be great but sadly i dont but i got no advice on meds,treatments and anything else.

So are my expectations too high or I'm just a lady with IBS a and all the normal treatments don't work and I'm just sounding off lightly I don't know anyway looking forward to your responses and thanks for reading.

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jensw in reply to Hidden

its what ??? :-)

professor on the network the IBS network and the question i posted that all the information of my background so the answer would be annoying from him.

If you are a member and pay on IBS network you can't use the online questions for professor Nick plus helpline, if you look on the network it shows you what you can use what members can you use if you sign oh that's what I'm on about

IBSNetworkAdministrator in reply to jensw

Good afternoon, Just a point of clarity. As an IBS Network member, you are able to access both Ask Prof Nick and the IBS Network telephone helpline, in addition to other member services. Hope this helps.

Kind regards

The IBS Network team

jensw in reply to IBSNetwork

I support the charity as i am a member.Im aware of the services as i can access them as a paid member which is what i was explaining but thank you for the clarity IBS network :)


I agree. I've received more help and support on this forum than I've ever got from the network itself. The people on here are just great and always ready to give their support and advice.

I think it's because, on here, we all experience the same probs and the network people are most likely non-IBS-ers and, as a result - well-intentioned though they may be - don't truly understand what it's all about.


Thanks for your comment and i agree ;-)

Although I agree that stress is one of the causes of IBS I do sometimes think that the IBS Network puts too much importance on that. Their information on constipation includes the theory that constipation is caused because we are trying to suppress our feelings - which I think is absolute rubbish! And actually rather insulting to those of us who are battling with it daily

jensw in reply to janke

hi there, i have ibs a which is both plus other things so there advice is based on one or the other. So i understandd ibs is hard work and theres no magic pill but support and understanding is always welcome and as aanother comment said unless you have it sadly you dont get it, if you get my drift


Professor Nick Read has given me more helpful advice - both in person and by email - about how to live with IBS than any other gastroenterologist I have seen. He introduced me to Questran which has made a huge difference. I also find the IBS Network site helpful.

jensw in reply to Hidden

thanks for your comment and im glad he has helped you i have a lot of diffent condations so i understand its hard to give a answer but from my experince it hasnt been good and it doesnt leave me with any ideas to work on

I think it is wonderful in the middle of the night when I can't sleep for wind bloating etc it is such a comfort to go on the network and see how others cope with its. I don't think it is allot do with stress. I think sometimes there may be slight inflammation in the bowel especially if u have post infection. Because there is slight burning as well as pain in the abdomen. And if you have an ulcer in your mouth it hurts when eating. Certain foods irritate the bowel and that's our problem I think not always stress. I gain a lot from this network thanks to you all.

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