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New drug Constella (Linaclotide)

Have been an ibs sufferer for many years and have just had a severe 6 day bout of constipation. (Which took a massive amount of laxatives to resolve). I already take one and a half Movicol sachets per day and 25mg Amitriptyline. I have just been given a new drug called Constella 290mg but forgot to ask if I should take this with the Movicol. Can anyone also tell me if I can take this with peppermint oil capsules?

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Be careful combining.

25 mg of Ami can be strong for some people( like me) and seems to not be as effective over time unfortunately! I know nothing about Movicol and a brand new drug while we always hope for a cure may or may not help

Good luck


I wouldn't combine them personally. Linaclotide is known for its side effects (it made me very nauseous when I tried it). Definitely check with your gp first.

Have you tried colonic hydrotherapy for the constipation? I find it a great alternative to laxatives, which don't really work for me.

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Thank you for your post. Now on 2nd dose of Linaclotide plus usual Movicol (1 and a half satchets) and no bm.....help!


These things can take time to work so I wouldn't worry just yet. Do check with your gp though, as he or she will be able to advise you about dosages and combinations. Above all, try to relax! Stress is the worst thing for ibs.


Relaxing is one of my problems. I appear unable tp do so. I have just read about colouring for adults and thought it was something that might help

Have you tried any strategies that work?


I love adult colouring! As a teaching assistant I used to laugh at the idea of it, but once I tried it I was hooked. Have you tried meditation or hypnotherapy? Also gentle exercise like walking or swimming is great mentally and helps with motility. I try and walk for an hour every day and have music on while I walk, which really boosts my mood.


I take Linaclotide and it is excellent. You can take it with peppermint capsules but you won’t need. The Movicol as well. But don’t tink it will be a problem if you take both.


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