I have been taking constella for around 2.5 months now and it seems to have stopped working!

The first two weeks taking it were awful (the GI specialist told me that it would be so I expected that), but then it started to help a lot afterwards. My main symptoms are the feeling of constantly needing to go the toilet but not being able to pass any stool/passing a tiny amount throughout the whole day. I started taking constella just before bed and would wake up and have around 3-4 bouts of diarrhea; I still had the pain and constant urge but it was a lot less severe, and I assume because I was getting rid of some stool, I started to feel less fatigued and lethargic.

I was told to try it out for a month, and ended up having about 3-4 days off once I had finished that prescription and waited for my request for more tablets to be processed. Since being back on it, it seems to have be having no to minimum effects. I still get the stomach cramps and flushed feeling (as if I have diarrhea) but I am unable to pass stools much again. It used to make my stomach gurgle and I could feel it working almost immediately after taking it, but I don't even get that anymore. I'm also getting super bloated and feel fatigued all the time again.

Has anyone else tried this medication? And if so, what did you think? Is it normal for it to stop working?

I've tried calling the last GI specialist I saw (who said to contact if anything changes and she'd call me) but the receptionist is telling me that that isn't possible, so I don't really know where to go for help. Thanks in advance!

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  • Keep trying to contact the specialist! The receptionist shouldn't be fobbing you off. Write a letter which the receptionist will have to pass to the specialist. The power goes to their heads - my gp surgery's receptionists now interrogate everyone about their symptoms before they will 'grant' an appointment...grrr!

  • It's frustrating isn't it! I told the receptionist the problems I was having and she said she'd email the specialist for advice and let me know, but I haven't heard back since. It's weird because the specialist made a point of saying that I can speak to her whenever I need (I remember vividly because I've never been offered help between appointments before!) and let me know to call the receptionist and ask her to arrange a phone call. But the receptionist said that it didn't say that in the notes so she wouldn't be able to call me? Strange!

  • I am taking it. My consultant said to take it for six weeks then have a week’s break as it doesn’t work as well if you take it continuously. This worked for me. Also I take it with food as this increases the bowel movements. You do go quite a bit after taking it. I take in the evening as I work in the day. It starts working within the hour. I find there is no happy medium with it. If I take it without good it doesn’t work and with food too much. But rather that than the constipation.

  • I prefer it working and having a different type of pain, as apposed to the pain and other symptoms I get because of incomplete evacuation. That's interesting about taking a break - I might try that and see if that helps. Thanks so much!

  • I’ve just started taking it. I have colonic inertia so can go weeks without a bm. Taken my first today so hope it helps 😩

  • How did you find it? I hope it helped!

  • It was so strong! I was really bunged up so it helped a lot. A lot of cramping and pain though

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