My doctor recently gave me Linaclotide for chronic constipation. This was to be taken when needed. It is quite a aggressive drug in which I'm running for the toilet. I don't like it to be honest as it stops me from going out.

Today I've been told to take this drug every day to help with constipation. The doctor saw I was loaded and the diarrhoea I've been getting is overflow. This has made me feel down as now every morning when I take it I won't be able to go out as I'll have to be close to the toilet. Or in the evening I will have to give myself at least 5 hours of being at home to take it if I need to go out in the morning.

It's going to take time to get into a routine and sort my day out.

Just want to know other people's experience of this drug. Many Thanks

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  • I've not taken this drug, but I would say that if it's not helping, go back and see your doctor and ask to try and alternative medication. Treatments are supposed to improve your quality of life, not make it worse.

  • Have not tried Linaclotide. I use Docusate Sodium instead which I find fairly gentle and it doesn't have me constantly running to the toilet. If you haven't tried it ask to switch and see how it works for you.

  • i'm sorry i can't help you with that drug as i have the opposite condition (ibs/Diahrrea) ..but may I ask how can your doctor know if you're (Loaded ) ??? by the way ..sometimes I wish I can be constipated ..Having 2 days (without having to go ) will be such a relief and a good opportunity to get out of the house without worrying about needing a toilet nearby ..

  • The Dr knew I was loaded. By having diarrhoea called overflow where food and watery stools were happening many times a day. Also he did an examination where he could see stools were formed. Even though I'm constipated I go to the toilet many times a day. I also worry about toilets and where the nearest one is when I'm out.

  • Thank you for your seems constipation is a burden too ..Unfortunately we are not a winner either ways ..hope we both can find something to get us back on track ..Best of luck 🌹

  • You too. Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Hello , I always think that people do not understand what IBS is really like. I have connective tissue disease & severe motility & damaged nerve problems. I Take Linaclotide daily & also Docusate sodium twice daily. I was referred for Peristeen treatment, but because I did not have a colonoscopy done prior to that request I was refused it by the Peristeen nurses. I was given Prucalipride, but this did nothing for me at all, My consultant said it can only be prescribed by a consultant! This was changed to Linaclotide & Docusate, which has helped just a little, I am still grateful for that. Thanks for the Knowledge of Volvic water, I will definitely try it! Faecal impaction is horrendous,YUK! I wish you all a "bowel -Happy" Weekend! All the best to you all! Pixiewixie