sertraline antidepressants

So my doctor has given me sertraline antidepressants as along with other things my IBS-D has really started to take over my life and I've been getting more and more miserable. I've tried behaviour therapy and relaxation methods to help cope but I have a 1 year old boy so things can get quite stressful at times.

I started the tablets yesterday and had a IBS flare up about 3 hours later. I didn't have the normal pain I usually get and therefore am not really sure if it was a flare up or reaction to the tablets.

Has anyone been on these? What are they like?

I rang my doctor this morning worried and she told me to continue to take them and to go back in a few weeks

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  • I was given these too and after taking some others a few years ago I have been reluctant to start them as the side effects made. Me very unwell for a month . As u have been told they do wear off after a few weeks to a month

  • Thanks for your reply. What were the side effects? Was it the same pills?

  • Hi it was citralapram (sp) lol exhausted nauseous stomach pain and dizzy! I was off work 2 weeks! But I plugged in and it did wear off , I think they can all give those side effects but not everyone gets them . My friend didn’t have any effects! Anyway I haven’t taken the new ones can’t do that again

  • Hi I started on these and got diarrea a couple of times but it settled down. Don’t stress after about 3 weeks you’ll feel the benefit of the tablets as long as you try and relax and let them work cheers

  • I have suffered with IBS D for years. I am much better now. What I did was I stayed away from lacto as much as poss, I ate gluten free as much as poss to calm things down. Then I had a intolerance test - just a wowcher one where I sent off some hair and it came back saying that i was low in magnesium and very low in digestive enzymes. So I did some research and figured that if my food wasn't being digested before it travelled onwards this was probably the problem. The food was travelling along slowly and the baddies in the stomach were feasting on it and this was fermenting and making loads of gas which in turn was wrecking my stomach. The digestive enzymes you can take 3 times a day with food. I take one with breakfast one with my evening meal and save the extra if I eat out / badly /drink alchol. My life has turned around. It's worth a try?

  • Thank you for your reply. I can't find any food triggers but avoid having a lot of gluten. I might see if Wowcher have anymore. I have some digestive enzymes but stopped taking them a while back when I didn't think they were doing much. Will give them another try.

  • I was on Sertraline for while and developed (I have IBS-D) and developed near semi-incontinence and 'follow through' about a year after I started taking them. It comes up in a Google search if you look for it. Suggest you go back to your GP ASAP and get them changed for something else. As anti-depressants I found them near useless as the side effects were depressing so countering any good they might have done. I would suggest two things: get out and about (exercise) and try mindfulness. Google Jon Kabat-Zinn. He has CDs. YouTube audios and downloads. If nothing else they will help you relax.

  • Thanks for your reply. I've read a lot of different reviews and some people have had really good experiences with it. So might continue it for abit and see.

    I also already do lots of exercise and go for plenty of walks with my 1 year old. I already try relaxation methods

  • I have been on Sertraline for the past 3/4 years no problems whatsoever. It keeps me calmer as I am a stress head which does not help with chronic IBS. So yes for me its good no side effects at all. Keep going. I still get IBS flareups but I seem to cope better. I never leave the house without imodian tablets just in case. Life with IBS can be miserable so anything one can take to alleviate stress is a help for sure.

  • Thanks for your reply. I think I'm starting to feel better but can't tell if it's because of the tablets for just because my son is behaving better so will have to see.

    I also don't go anywhere without Imodium but am starting to use it less

  • Hi. Ive been on these for over a year and on Alverine for IBS too. You just need time for your body to get used to the two medications working together. I’m very happy with both medications now

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm glad both are working for you. I've just read so many different reviews and am worried they will make things worse. Guess I will just have to wait and see 🤔

  • I have IBS and was put on sertraline and a low fodmap diet. The side effects were debilitating but 5 weeks later, I can say I am well.

  • My doctor put me on them last year. They helped for the first couple of weeks and then I started to get continuous D and stomach cramps. My mood was lower than ever and I felt like a zombie. I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere, no energy. I felt worse than ever. I had to stop taking them, but my cousin has been taking them for years she swears by them. I think it depends on your body. Give them a couple of weeks and see how you go but they defo weren't for me. The day I stopped taking them was horrible it felt like my head was screaming it felt really out of it but it passed and I felt fine the next day. The D stopped and went back to my usual flare ups that happen every week or so. I am now taking Omeprazole 20mg which was given to me for severe acid reflux but I must admit since I have been taking it my IBS has also improved. I still get the odd flare up and the cramps are worse than usual but it only lasts a day or so . Its not a cure but they have helped. I think they only help with reducing the food part of IBS I don't think they help with the anxiety side of things though.

  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear they were so bad for you. I've had a couple of bad tummy moments but nothing that felt like a normal flare up. So hoping it's more just settling in to my system.

    I think I'm feeling better mood wise but can't tell if it's because of the tablets or because my son is behaving better!

    I have Omeprazole but haven't taken them so I might give those a try in a week.

  • I can't take plastic capsules so I take the omeprazole capsule apart and put them in a bit of water and swallow them. The doctor says this is fine as long as you don't chew the beads and just swallow them. The plastic coating on capsules give me the runs even plastic paracetamol. I hope you go on alright with the Sertraline , I think it is just trial and error until you find something that works for your body.

  • Like KC 2906, I have been on these tablets (Sertraline), for at least 3 years, because I was diagnosed with SAD. My dosage depends on the season, but I find they have a great calming effect. I occasionally suffer with IBS, but put it down to low tolerance of certain foods.

  • Thank you for your reply. I think they are working. I've been a lot calmer the past few days. But can't tell if that's just because my son is behaving better.

    I just don't want my stomach to get worse because I have only just started to feel more confident in going out for longer. I feel bad when I have to keep him inside because of my tummy.

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