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Progressive digestive problems and protein/blood in urine

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Hi there, I'm writing on here to gather some advice and see if anyone else has been in a similar situation.

I've had IBS symptoms for years, but these 'episodes' have always been irregular and would always be mild enough to not affect my life too greatly. However, in the past 10 weeks or so, I've developed these strange symptoms which are progressively getting worse, to the point of where I can't function at work and I've had to cancel any social arrangements.

- Throughout the day, I feel mildly nauseated at all times, have a grumbling/slightly uncomfortable stomach, loss of appetite, mild feverish feeling and a gripping/gnawing feeling in my lower right side. This extends to around my groin and sometimes feels bubbly, 'itchy' or almost like there's a burning sensation (this is not painful - more uncomfortable and nauseating than anything). Colleagues, friends and family have commented that I look much paler, tired and like I've lost a bit of weight

- About 1-2 times a day (sometimes more, sometimes less), I have an 'episode' where I become very nauseated, get an extremely grumbly stomach and feel the urgent need to go to the toilet. This is usually accompanied by heartburn and sometimes a headache. I rush to the toilet and have horrible diarrhoea that's (sorry to be gross) fiery and smells foul. Sometimes, I retch or vomit this horrible acid, but I'm very good at stopping myself from vomiting, so there have been times I should've vomited but didn't. At times, the heartburn has been unbearable and lasted for 5 hours along with the other symptoms

I went to the walk in centre at the hospital today after getting advice from NHS 111 and they tested my urine and listened to my stomach. The nurse said I had protein and blood in my urine and suspected I had a UTI. She also said that my stomach was extremely active and sounded like the stomach of someone who has a tummy bug. She was going to refer me for blood tests and a scan, but then 10 minutes later dismissed me and sent me off with a prescription for antibiotics for the 'UTI'. However, I don't have any UTI symptoms?

In previous blood tests, I've also had low vitamin levels (for example, my B12 was at 212 or something so not critically low but unusually low). My urine has also showed up abnormal in the past. I feel like something underlying is going on that's linked to all of these results (the low vitamin levels, the abnormal urine test etc.) but the doctors just seem quick to dismiss me.

Can anyone offer any advice or similar experiences?

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Hi there Anderson, the only thing I get from the symptoms you have described above is nausea, which I hate as I have Emetophobia but not for long though as I am working my way through the Thrive Programme.

Anyway, less about me and more about you. I would insist on further tests, you can't go on like this and they can't dismiss you. I would make a nuisance of yourself, it's unfair for them to expect you to live your life like this.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

Very best of luck.

I have very similar symptoms to you!!

I have been prescribed antibiotics called Metronidazole. These antibiotics specifically work in the bowel so would fix the problem if it is SIBO or gardiasis. Have you looked up gardiasis? A specialist told me it can be missed on tests

Low B vitamin levels are linked to SIBO too.

As for blood and protein without infection, I had a camera test. Nothing found but felt better after procedure so perhaps small stones (?) I think these are unrelated symptoms as I can't find anything linking the two. And I had the right handed pain for years before the bladder issues. The only linked bowel and bladder problems I've read of is Endometriosis.

I'm still working on seeing if I'm intolerant to a certain food chemical so I will take the antibiotics in a few weeks time.

Hi Anderson I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitus which showed up on CT scan after GP admitted to hospital . Symptoms were pain left & middle of abdomen bloating, grumbling, headache, nausea, general unwell feeling inc light headed at times, diarrhea every bm. Antibiotics given for infection, episode lasted approx 3 / 4 weeks, told to have high fiber diet when inflammation gone down. Worth having it checked, btw I also tend to have a lot of acid, currently taking daily probiotic tablets to help .

Hi just wondering if you have an update and whether you’re feeling better?

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