H pylori maybe?


I'm suffering really badly with chronic constipation, and I've realised that one of my main symptoms has always been feeling sick, and in the last year I've noticed I feel sick and have stomach pains on an empty stomach. Also, I have bad heartburn and bloating and my breath smells very bad in the morning.

My mum and Nan both had very bad GERD so I'm wondering if I may have gotten h pylori from my mum somehow as I have a lot of the symptoms. My thinking is maybe that I have h pylori and the low stomach acid is causing candida or something and this constipation. Another one of my symptoms is a lot of swollen glands and I've been researching and a few people with h pylori also have this.

I don't think it's sibo as I'm not really bloated , so maybe candida and h pylori. I will try and get tested for h pylori, and hopefully I can sort this out. Does this sound logical to you guys?

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  • Definitely go to your doctor asap. You can do a breath test for H pylori and if not satisfied with the results you can get an endoscopy done just to make sure. Just out of curiosity, why haven't you gone to a doctor yet?

  • I have gone to a doctor but I've just been told it's Ibs

  • If you have IBS then you need to go on the low fodmap diet. Are you on this diet yet? Maybe you've got a bad doctor or maybe you're not telling me enough, but you can straight up ask your doctor for a referral to get an endoscopy done, they can't say no. If you don't want to do that or can't afford it, get a referral to see someone who specialises in gut health. Try a different doctor maybe, one with more experience.

  • It's hard to say. I was treated for h pylori about 2 years, the triple treatment is harsh. I was generally unwell with all different symptoms. You need to get tested and take it from there. Have you tried a good probiotics.

  • I also had chronic constipation and still have awful problems.

  • I was diagnosed with H Pylori about 18 years ago after constant nausea loss of appetite and generally feeling awful.although the triple treatment helped eliminate the infection I have had Ibsd ever since.The problem just seemed to go down lower in my tummy.

  • Sorry to hear that, do you think mine could be h pylori?

  • Go and find out

  • It could be although I had no bowel problems just dreadful nausea all the time.It can be easily diagnosed by your gp so best go and find out.

  • Anyone with chronic constipation needs to look into Mago7.

    Do read on it, I found a site that deals with explaining how it works, and how to adjust it to you. It is not a supplement, does not enter your blood. Larger magnesium molecules, which is called ROS delivery, which has been oxygenated. You can use daily, it works every day, I will never look back. Most vitamin shops sell it, and it works every nite, along with getting rid of bad bacteria. I do take a good probiotic each day. If you try this I do not believe you will ever actually feel constipated ever again. It truly works, thank God for who ever made this stuff. Just follow directions, and find ur suitable dose. My advice start with only two, that is too much for me...each person is different.

    Good wishes!

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