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Hi, I'm new:)

Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining. My name is Hayley and I'm 33. I've had ibs - d for about 15 years, but symptoms were always manageable. However after the birth of my 2nd child, I had a 4th degree tear which has often left me incontinent. I have tried just about everything, anxiety medication, mebaverine, daily loperamide and codeine. I have a sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks but having to stop the Imodium now in preparation has really had an effect on me. I am a teacher and it is very difficult for me to take time off, but have had to today. The gastro dr has told me he would assume I'm lactose intolerant and have cut out all dairy. This does help but my main problem is anxiety. I have had months of hypnotherapy but did not help. Anyway, that's enough about me and I look forward to talking with you all. Xx

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I went fora course of CBT counselling, through NHS, has really helped anxiety.

Not completely there but any step forward!


I don;t think I can help as you seem to have a lot of conditions of which I have no knowledge. I have never been diagnosed with IBS. I have had loose bowels all my life, alternating with short-term constipation, this results in me taking (loperamide) Imodium Instants (sometimes the whole pack!) when I'm very loose and Magnesium sulphate based 'health salts' when blocked up. I've taken OTC codeine phosphate products Co-codamol or Sopadeine on a daily base for many years against the advice of chemists and the warning on the pack but these do not seem to cause constipation, If I'm addicted,so be it! Hope you sort you problems out and wished I could have been more helpful.


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