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I'm new here

Hi I'm Dawn I was diagnosed with ibs about 6 weeks ago after having blood tests which all came back negative to any infections or crohns disease. Dr gave me mebeverine for the stomach pain which help and told me to do a food diary to figure out what it could be and that was all. I constantly have discomfort in my stomach , more upper than lower, it's constantly growling like I'm hungry all the time and I always feel I need to go to the toilet but don't.  Lots of air ok wind. Embarrassing. I'm Going on holiday soon and it makes me anxious because of the ibs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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A good vit B12 supplement might help with wind and stomach pain, do you have any other symptoms from here difficulty-swallowing.com/s... ?  Try methyl B12 in sublingual form if you think its worth a shot?


I wonder if the doctor might send you for a colonoscopy for a specialist to decide what is causing your symptoms


Hi there you may have fermentation, try taking 2 garlic tablets a day  and a good probiotic. Wishing you well


Ive suffered with this for 20+ years. So you can imagine back then how all the Dr's thought it was all in my head. Really felt alone.  What I have learned in all that time is diet plays a huge part in helping. Document foods that trigger your gut into reacting. Stay away from artificial sweetners of anykind and carbonated drinks. Its a start. I have discovered low dose of probiotics help. Only one after you eat. There is an over the counter stomach remedy called Heathers Tummy Tamer. I take one first thing when I get up, wait 15 minutes then go on with your usual routine. After my first bowel movement I take a half of a lomotil,(rx only) from then on Im good. Again diet plays a big factor.

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Thank you.  I am now keeping a diary,  hopefully It will help in time. 


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