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I was diagnosed with IBS in my early 20's. I am now 44. When I was a child I always had stomach trouble and it was down to abdominal migraine. I also stress about toilets when I am out. It's so embarrasing. Nothing seems to help. I take Imodium plus when needed to stop the diarrhoea, but then that starts the whole cycle of beable to go. I am currently trying to increase my fibre and water intake. Any micracles that people have discovered? Going out shopping is the worst and I do think the anxiety of where the loo is adds to the stress. Any advice would be much appreciated ☺

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  • I eat fruit and fibre once every day, usually in the morning but sometimes at night. I eat an apple, banana and an orange everyday too and take probiotics twice per day and some coconut oil. It all seems to help a lot.

    Find out what foods trigger you symptoms by doing a food diary so you can take note of what foods annoy you.

  • I have tried a food diary but there seems to be no pattern to the triggers. I remember being told to eat more fibre. I know I don't eat enough fruit so I giving it a go! Thanks for your advice ☺

  • There aren't any foods that trigger it at all?

    Definitely try the fibre.

    Good luck.

  • The FODMAPS elimination diet was a miracle for me. It helped me to identify about 10 food triggers and has reduced my symptoms by maybe 70%. It's hard work but worth trying. Before that I couldn't pinpoint anything. I also avoid corn, and bake most of my own bread, treats, etc.

  • Turmeric (with a pinch of black pepper) in cooking, peppermint tea, removing caffeine from my diet, reducing carbohydrates and sugars and going on short walks are the best aids I've found in years :)

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