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Hi everyone,

I really need some help as like all other members I have IBS but I cannot get it under control, its either D or C and its almost impossible to get a routine or rythm.

I've had the condition since childhood but in the last year it has become unbearable and uncontrolable as I now cannot leave the house for fear of an accident or because the IBS has me locked in the bathroom for hours at at time. The GP has no idea how to treat this and just giving me mebeverine and said to perservere it will help, that was a year ago how long do I need to perservere? With a lot of pushing and complaining he agreed to try a bulk forming laxative being ispagel (fybogel) but this has just given constipation even on the Max dose and is not having the desired effect. As you can probably tell I've lost all confidence in my GP and have done plenty of my own research in hope of some usefull treatment and have come across both Acacia Senegal and Slippery Elm as recomended bulking agents but has anyone else used these or have any other suggestions/advice as I'm truly desperate for something to stabilise the condition and give me my life back.

Thanks for reading any any help you can provide.

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I too have the same problem. Fybogel and Acacia Senegal did not help me at all. They just made me boat even more excessive wind. Have you tried a product called Movicol? Your doctor can prescribe it. I personally am taking a drg called Resolor but prescribed by a consultant as Nhs does not like to prescribe as it is expensive. The other best natural way to treat constipation is to take 600 - 1000mg magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach with lemon juice and lots of water and wait about an hour before eating. This draws water into the colon. Look it up on the Internet. There is a lot of info about magnesium and constipation. Don't take the Fybogel or acacia. Also you can get Movicol without prescription and it I'd not expensive. Let me know how you get on.


Thanks so much for your reply it is really appreciated, I will give your advice q try I've nothing to loose and will let you know if I should improve. Ill be looking up the meds aswell although I hope not to expensive as I can't work atm cos of this problem but will try to get it if possible. I have tried the movicol but this was unsucessfull as it would appear my gut is very sensitive and didn't take kindley to a laxative although it was the same with sena, dulcolax etc. Thanks again for the advice.


I am sorry to hear of the problems you are having. I was diagnosed 2 years ago after going to the GP and being told I was only stressed. It turned out they had also missed multiple tumours in my ovaries/uterus/bowel and I have since had 5 surgeries to remove the tumours which totalled almost 85cm in width (alot considering I am barely a size 8). With the tumours and additional pain I was in complete agony as the tumours I was later told where actually crushing me from the inside. It took the doctors almost a year to see the

Even given the fact that I had multiple MRI scans (that's another story). The reason I am saying this is because of the other complications, I was unable to take laxatives (as they where trying to rip the tumours out of my body) and other meds (I have IBS A) so in order to survive I had to find other alternatives.

A colleague at work put me onto meditation, particularly an excercise called the body scan. I began a journey of trying to listen to my body and understand what it was telling me I needed. I cut out meat, as this was extremely difficult for my gut to digest and I eat bread sparingly. One of the most beneficial things has being making fruit and veg smoothies. I have found this very easy to digest whilst I get the nutrients that I need.

When I have constipation, I stick to liquids to give my digestive system the chance to rest, and take Andrews liver salts which is mild on the stomach. All of our bodies are different and I still have my bad days but now they are much fewer than when I could not leave my bed for weeks at a time.

Good luck


Thanks so much for your reply, its a lifeline for me atm. I'm so sorry to hear about the complications you had and how you were obviously treated is very poor but atleast you have recovered from your surgerys and trauma (I hope). Your advice is great so thankyou I will be giving the Andrews salts and smoothies a try. I have had major trouble with all types of laxatives, clearly they are too course for my gut and just give severe pain and uncontrollable D. I have changed my diet considerably to try and get some relief such as also becoming a veggie as meat was a definate problem but I have slso had to cut out all dairy so I guess I'm now vegan but this has been a very hard change as I was very fond of milk, yoghurt etc but if it gives me an improvement it will be worth it in the long run. I've been considering doing yoga as this was recomended to me but I will be looking up the body scan u mentioned and will see what happens as like yourself I cannot leave the house and have nothing more than an existance at the moment and would love to get some control back and start living again.

Thanks again for your advice its really appreciated.


hi, what was your qstn ?, i cant find it !! i did read it wasn,t advisible to take andrews liver salts too much as it would sound the bowels out of a natural movement n make the bowel lazy ,,,,, but i believe just normal health salts were okay ,,,if just one tsp ever other day or every 3days ,,, valerieb cheers


hi again , what smoothy advice were you given ??? ,do you know how to make a vegy smoothy , what do you mix it with ???? do you just chop veg up n ad water ??? , hope you reply ,, thanks valerie b


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