Still suffering with the lower abdominal pain I have had now for over two years, had more tests and seen gastroenterologist again, he is still not too concerned, now taking peppermint oil capsules three times a day and pro-biotics daily, had a good spell recently with very little pain, however past two days have been horrendous constant nagging ache below my navel.

Going to the toilet once a day all looks normal no sign of any blood etc. eating OK and no weight loss, I think this is why the doctors are not too concerned with me, no signs of illness except the damn pain all the time.

I eat Gluten free food all the time as I have Coeliac disease, can,t understand why I get pain all the time, any help appreciated.

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  • 2 things help me: coconut water (minimum 1 glass everyday) and green tea Clipper (minimum 1 every morning). now in Home bargains shops/Quality save shops is on special offer 1l coconut water for 99p. fantastic taste! In Tesco on special offer is Clipper green tea with mint (my favourite) half price for 64 p. Highly recommend by me! It`s really working!

  • Hi Mona 75. Thanks I will give this a try.

  • Any history of diverticulitis ?

  • Hi Huston, Thanks for the reply, having been back and fore to the Doctors now for over two years and had several tests carried out, at no time has Diverticulitis been mentioned, I did have a polyp removed from my lower bowel in October, however the consultant did say that this has nothing to do with the pain I have been getting, i met him two weeks ago for a three month check up after having the operation, again I explained about this lower abdominal pain, he has suggested I have "another" Ultrasound scan just to make sure.

  • My husband has the same problem! He's had all the tests, colonoscopies ( at least 3 in the last few years - last one in September last year!) All results are clear, no problems and no return of the polyps he had previously. He drinks green tea, eats a good healthy diet, no on FODMAP because that counteracts the things he needs to eat to help his Prostate Cancer but he has continually, to some degree or another, got lower abdominal pain. Is going to have another MRI or maybe a CT scan in the next few weeks to see if there's anything else but his bowel and colon are clear of anything nasty. He's really fed up with after nearly 18 months of it, its worse when sitting or driving and the belt of his trousers dig in. Hope you find some relief soon.

  • Hi ceejayblue, Thanks for the reply, thats the symptoms I have, pain is made worse when sitting at my desk in work of driving the pain is just about where the buckle is. I saw my consultant two weeks ago and again explained I still have this dull ache under my belt line, he said its sounds like IBS, and yet my toilet habits are perfectly normal, he has booked me for "another"ultrasound scan just to make sure, now waiting for an appointment from the hospital.fingers crossed !

  • That's exactly what happened to my OH. No other obvious IBS symptoms or reasons. Its so annoying! Hope you get a diagnosis after the ultrasound.

  • Just throwing it out there but do you eat pre-made gluten free baked goods? Those wreck havoc on my IBS - the ones I've tried often have corn or corn products in them. Certain FODMAP foods and corn in all it's various forms is really problematic for me, which sometimes doesn't jive with the gluten-free foods.

  • Hi runswithdogs, Thanks for the reply, I normally eat home made Gluten free foods however I do eat pre-made now and again, I try not to as I think they are worse for you than ordinary foods.

  • Hi there,

    Just to say, I have the same issue. I've been having extreme lower abdominal pains since I was 17, now 26. The totally mysterious thing for me is that it only comes on once every 2 years or so, and seems totally unrelated to food, drink, stress etc. I thought I had it figured out but it came on last week with seemingly no reason. It never involves different bowel movements, just unbelievable pain. I've had colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound etc.. doctors have no idea whats going on.

    What do people find best for the pain?

  • Hi jcrome, I just take paracetamol, I do find lying flat on my back helps a little sometimes placing a warm towel thingy, the ones with beads in you warm in the microwave helps.

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