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Dr says IBS or anxiety-Knot in stomach feeling constantly

I have just been through every test possible for my stomach. I am a busy mom of 4 and after a few days of clearing out after being constipated, I found this knot feeling in my stomach. It feels like hunger, but it doesn't go away after I eat. It doesn't go away at all. It's not really a pain but a gnawing, almost like it's about to growl from hunger but it never happens. Or that a big burp would relieve it, but no matter how much I burp...the knot is still there.

He suggested IBS

So I went to the ER because I hadn't been able to eat at all and so they did a CT scan (clear), abdominal ultrasound to look at gall bladder (normal), bloodwork (normal). They told me to follow up wth a GI. They began me on Prilosec for 2 weeks with no change. They did an endoscopy on Monday and said I was the picture of health. No issues at all.

This all leads me to wonder if this is all just anxiety and the unknown of it makes me more anxious which just compounds the issue.

I do have IBS but it's usually lower GI related. I've never had heartburn in my life so I don't know if that's what it is, but you'd think the Prilosec would be helping if it was.

I have been off all anxiety meds for 4 years, so I'm really not wanting to go back on meds...but if it's going to mess me up this much...maybe I need to.

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Hi there,

This article I posted may be of interest to you: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



Hi there, after reading your post it sounds to me like it may be anxiety rather than anything else. Also you say that you had a few days or clearing, it could possibly be constipation but that's only a thought.

I would try and follow some relaxation techniques and also look at some herbal remedies i.e. here in the UK we have Kalms which are herbal tablets to calm you down. I actually swear by these as when I took my driving test many years ago I was very nervous and anxious about my weekly lessons and of course the looming test. I started to take the tablets a few weeks before the test and also took a handful (they are herbal) the day before the test and I sailed through and wasn't nervous at all. A few years later I had an interview and again I worry about interviews so I started to take the tablets a couple of week's beforehand and I had no problems whatsoever, I answered every question, remembered what I had studied about the company and sailed through the interview and had excellent feedback. The only reason I didn't get the job was because there was one area that I didn't have any experience and there was one other candidate that did have the experience.

I hope that some kind of relaxation works for you.


Thank you for the tip! I believe it's anxiety as well...just need to find some good non prescription way to treat it. I'll check out your tablets! Thank you again!

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You are welcome and I hope that you are able to manage your symptoms :)


Hi there it does sound anxiety related maybe try some different ways of managing your anxiety instead of tablets - counselling, cbt, Mindfullness, self help books etc I recently read DARE by Barry M and Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Joshua Fletcher - would recommend x

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Did this continue for you or have you figured out what it is? My husband has had this for around 7/8 yrs. The hungry knots in the stomach feeling aND diahreoah. The doctor diagnosed him with IBS after all the tests done came back clear. Food does not make his worse, it feels better after the eats often! And his is definitely linked with anxiety and stress.. it sometimes seems to start first wit the stomach and then to the mental anxiety.


I have the same issue. Did your husband try any medicines? Or does he still have the same feeling in the gut. I hope to find some kind of remedy for this, because I have it for almost 8 years now. It affects the quality of life every single day.


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