Stomach or anxiety :s?

Passed 2 weeks I have bin experiencing like hot abdominal discomfort that leads into lower back and just the most ugly feeling like stomach moving and doing spasms I can't keep nothing down I don't puke tho, just eat very little I have had black stools and on off direreah slow breathing and supper weak I just want to Kno if anyone knows close to if it's anxiety :o? Or something serious this has happened lots before just it usually lasted around 4 days not 2 full weeks I bin bed ridden with cold sweats I could say ? Any advise plz :)

One more thing I just started 3 nights ago to take anti acids 75mg seen small help nothing much :s

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  • I'm no expert but doesn't sound like anxiety. Sounds more like a big of some sort. Get your GP to check out and come back to us , hugs

  • Thank you so much to take the time out of your day to read <3

  • I meant bug 😮

  • When I had black stool it was bleeding ulcer. Do you take excedrin or Advil

  • no i take lots of tums but they dont work no more i take gravol liquids or ranidinine something like that over the counter

  • Get your GP to check out and explain the symptoms. Take care and hope you get some answers. Explain just like you have above to the doctor.

  • Does not sound like IBS to me so I would get an appointment with your doctor so he/she can check you out with various tests etc. Hope you start to improve soon x

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