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IBS-d morning rush or something else? So sick of feeling awful ๐Ÿ˜ž

I suffer with severe IBS D daily however most days I manage to eat some breakfast before having to go to the loo which is always diarrhoea or at least looser than it should be however some days (once a week or so) I wake up feeling dreadful with nausea, gas and an urgent need to rush to the loo with a bad case of D! I'm starting to wonder if this is my IBS causing this or is it something else like stomach bug or another bowel disorder? I feel more tired than usual on these days. I do suffer extreme stress and anxiety also. I just can't stand feeling so awful and it's at least once a week ๐Ÿ˜ž Any help and hearing tour experiences would be helpful and comforting. Thanks for reading.

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I'm sorry your feeling so awful! I really feel your pain! I have IBS D as well! It tends to effect me a little bit always but then it will decide flare up for months on end and I can do nothing but become a hermit and eat rice eggs bananas and crackers - that's my life right now , officially 3 weeks so far! Although my diarrhoea has lessened in the past few days but that means nothing!

When my IBS D is bad and I am having bouts of diarrhoea I feel absolutely awful, it's like it drains everything out of me and I feel so unwell like every single nutrient has passed out on to the loo which maybe it has!

Stress has the highest impact on my IBS D as does fatty junk foods, red meat and sugar !

You could be having a very bad flare up which can be brought on by stress and anxiety, maybe try and take some time to relax, try meditation breathe in and out through your nose and focus only on that and add some calming music! Or do something that focuses you like drawing, colouring etc and try not to focus on the IBS D pain- easier said than done I know! Use a head pad for your tummy and try and only eat foods that agree with you - rice is very plain and may be worth a shot when it's bad! Do you take any supplements? Taking some insoluble fiber like fybogel of psyllium husk in a small amount (one fybogel after breakfast) may help stop the urgency! Buscopan can help with cramps and slow down your stomach! And imodium plus comfort helps with pain and means you can leave the house!

But if you continue to feel awful for the next few days definitely go to your doctor, it's better to be checked! And they can hopefully give your more advice on what to do!

I am having a bad day myself feeling frustrated that I can't go out for dinner with my friends this weekend!

But I have got better before! It was a combination of eating plain foods, drinking kombucha tea and having a positive mind set and going out even if I couldn't eat! I am hoping it can do this again! It can be hard though!

Sorry for the essay! I hope you feel better soon xx


Hi thanks for reading and for your detailed reply! It sounds like your having a rough time also! It's awful how it can take your life over so much isn't it? I've had a few rough days now, today I thought I was feeling a bit better only to suddenly feel really off suddenly. Sorry for TMI but I'm having hot gas which isn't normal for me, it doesn't smell bad but is weird for me. I feel nauseous also, it doesn't help that i get really worried about vomiting as I wonder if that makes me feel worse so it's like a viscous circle as then the anxiety kicks in. And your so right about how draining it is! I feel so tired and completely drained of energy some days especially on the days where my stomach is worse. I aleady take buscopan and Imodium plus, the Imodium are very good. I have to take 1/2 tablets every day right now! I also have found a really good probiotic by natren, it's called healthy trinity which has for sure helped more than anything. I would recommend it to people with IBS D! It's expensive but worth it if you are able to afford it as it makes a huge difference (well it has for me at least) Do get nauseous with your IBS? Also if you don't mind me asking do you struggle with working?


I shall look in to the probiotics! I already take something called bimuno which is a type of probiotic and I thought it helped a lot but I guess even these things can't prevent a flare up!

I have had 2 good days! Which lead to my trying to eat a few pieces of Nougat yesterday and a bite of my bfs cheese sandwich lol I am praying that this stays fine and if it does it will be a good sign for me! Fingers crossed!

I have never experienced the nausea! I have read it can be a side effect but it's not something I have ever had myself!

The first flare up I had was when I was working in the travel industry, and part of my job was to visit different countries - that was always worrying lol and at that time I had not discovered imodium, I was afraid that it would maybe make it worse somehow! My work were very understanding and as I ate plain foods for months I managed to get to work, often having to run off the bus as soon as is removed to the loo! The office was very understanding and I used to sit with a hot water bottle on my lap!

No I teach kids in China it can be hard to get the energy to go in when it's bad, and it's hard to be all happy with the kids! But imodium helps! I generally have only needed an 1 or 2 imodium and it can last me 4 days to a week which can be great BUT so often does it come back and haunt me worse after or I end up painfully constipated lol

I can't remember if I mentioned, but I'm trying intermittent fasting, which I have read can be very helpful for IBS ! I basically skip breakfast, then have a small lunch and don't it it too fast and then have a snack and a small plain dinner! I try and ear between 11-7. I feel like this gives my stomach a break from digesting, and when I can eat more normal foods I shall stick with it! It's not for everyone but it could be worth a shot!

Feel better soon and any worries we your doctor! It was fybogel that first got me over the IBS flare up as it stopped the urgency! Soluble fibre is very good for us IBS D-ers! Xxx


Hi, just a shot in the dark, but have you had your blood pressure checked? It sounds like a problem i had which was cured as a by product of BP pills. All good wishes

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Thanks for your reply, I've not had it checked for a while actually. If you don't mind me asking what problem did you have that linked your blood pressure to stomach Issues?

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Hi, as i said it was a shot in the dark, but i felt awful every morning for almost a year, feeling better as the day went on. No other symptoms. Then one day i had to start BP pills and overnight the awful feeling disappeared. I wish i could find a miracle cure for IBS, perhaps one day. What i am trying to say is- Maybe somewhere an accident will show the solution. Good luck. (it really is a blasted nuisance this IBS)! I am trying to get my doctor interested in finding a cure but i think she earns too much money to bother, so i carry on by myself.


I too have morning D. Quit my job due to unpredictability and sometimes not making it in time. This is so depressing, it ruins quality of life but I deal with it weekly! Hope you get feeling better!


Thanks for your reply! Your right about it ruining quality of life! I really feel for you having to quit your job, I also had to quit my job because of how bad I can be. I think doctors underestimate how much of an impact IBS can have! Hope your symptoms improve soon!


Hi, have you checked out the Fod Map diet ,it helped me understand what triggered me me off I had IBS-D for 20yrs and got so I was scared to eat or go out it affected me at work because of the extreme wind and D, Iook up their web site there is loads of info and advice it has changed my life for the better I understand what triggers me off and what I can have in small portions ,there are loads of recipe ideas and help if you need it they do answer your questions and there are lots of people out there just the same and often worse , so it does help I can honestly say it was a life changer for me , it is not for everyone but worth a try, there are lots of info you can print off including high and low fod map foods which is a great l help when you first get started ,I am still learning ,but at long last I am not an embarrassment .


I often (well i had until recently) had something similar to this. I find i start with bloating/gas firtst thing when i wake up and within maybe as much as an hour Im in the bathroom with my ibs. I dont get full on diarrhoea but its still quite loose and a hurried need. Im usually โ€˜okโ€™ after a couple of trips to the bathroom but its does leave me feeling rubbish, slightly nauseous or like ive got indigestion so i end up missing breakfast most days. The weird thing is i mostly would only get it on week days. I mostly can get on with it and be ok later but I still have at keast one day a week where i feel rubbish for most of the day after.

I started a new job beginning of january so now my pattern of ibs seams to have changed, probably because im anxious about getting it ๐Ÿ™„.

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Hey, Thanks for the response, sorry for the slow reply however! Yes sounds like you are anxious about your new job, that can't be very pleasant at all, really feel for you there. It's great that you still manage to work though! I've found it a huge struggle with working these awful symptoms! I find I wake up early morning (not everyday) feeling very gassy, nauseous and also same for me within an hour or so I'm in the loo! It's so draining isn't it?! I find i sometimes wake up feeling very sick with it, do you get this?


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