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I have recently had an endoscopy which simply confirmed that I still have my hiatus hernia which seems is the reason for waking up with pain in the middle of the night. I have found that a paracetamol before I go to sleep with warm water manuka honey and a few drops of edible Calandula (Marigold) helps sooth my throat after the acid reflux.

I am waiting for a colonoscopy but the consultant has told me to try the FOD MAP diet. Its hard but I think its helping. I have previously tried cutting out milk and using soya but then went back to milk as soya seemed to be an issue. So now I am on lactose free milk and have reduced my caffeine drastically.

I was amazed how many fruit and veg which I had eaten trying to be healthy were excluded from the FOD MAP diet. Gave up wheat and bran ages ago so I guess its not too hard for me. I find snacks are hardest and meals take a lot of planning but I suggest its worth a go.

Been like this for as long as I can remember but recently it just went out of control.

Good Luck

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It's amazing how one person's 'healthy' can be another persons dietary nightmare. I got quite sick of people telling me to eat more fruits and veggies to solve my gut problems. I actually eat quite a bit of veggies, but I have to be choosy, as there are some that in any quantities will send me running to the loo. I'm glad you're having some success.


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