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Bloating tablets help please!!

So I have IBS and follow a low fod map diet and still suffer from severe bloating after food.I'm going to an event where I will be eating a 3 course meal so know I will get horrible bloatinf afterwards.

Can anyone recommend an over the counter for instant bloat releif? Changing diet etc won't work on this occasion so looking for instant relief!! I don't get gas just bloating

Have heard about windeze or rennie deflatine but assume these are aimed at people with gas?

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Are you taking any meds? I take mebeverine - 3 times a day 20 mins before each main meal it helps relax the digestive muscles I'd recommend x


A good probiotic helps with bloating and a good "suck in" garment :)


I take a probiotic every day which helps a bit in general but more looking for a quick relief tablet to take on the night! My dress is fairly tight 😩


Not of help for your evening out, but have you been checked out for Candida and SIBO?

I had Candida for years without knowing it and kept bloating whatever I ate.

You could find this article of help. It outlines the main symptoms of each: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



You could try charcoal tablets although they didnt work very well for me. Also, digestive enzymes may be worth a try.


Lmuds try drinking mint te or herbal infusions, I find if the feeling full of wind try chewing gum you can get wrigleys gum in tubs now ,I chew mint ,but it's what suits you,also I've never g heard of low God maps diet can you tell me about it or point in where I go to find out


Probiotics may help. There are some tasty chewable ones too. Eating slow and small amount at a time, drinking water and avoiding caffeine. Gentle exercise and meditation and mindfulness. These have all been advised and tried successfully by myself and other members of my family. It's only if I get bored of my bland dit and deviate even a little that I get a flare up. Do you smoke? I did and it used to help with the pain, but my daughter pointed out that because of the toxins it was probably making things worse in the long run, so very right.

I think it takes a lot of thinking about and care but IBS can be alleviated. We are all individual but some things work, it seems natural health products work best for us but some people get on ok with conventional medicine from the dr.


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