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Any advice on post infection IBS

My son caught salmonella,campallabacta and 2 parasites while in Bali in April.He was treated with paramomycin for 10days followed by trimethoprim.The nausea is still constant but the stomach cramps have eased.we have seen a gastroenterologist who suggested probiotics and a mild laxative but symptoms haven't changed.Anti nausea tablets have also been tried ,but don't make any difference.

The gastro dr also suggested he shouldn't have been treated as normally you don't treat children if they have parasites.CAn anyone else confirm this?

Has anyone else had this and is there any quick fixes?

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I have been told to take oregano oil for bad bacteria, probiotics and probiotics. I have been on vancomycin . Antibiotic!


Pm me I might have something that can help. X


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