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Post infection ibs after c.diff


I've been giving the all clear after three months of battling c.diff . Flagyl failed , vancomycin failed after 2 weeks. Looks like a tapering dose of vancomycin for over two months finally worked . My problem now is I got post infection ibs. Seen gastro Drs but don't look like they can help either . Keep hearing eat what you like and it could take up to one year for the intestines to heal . Soft stool everyday and feel like I'm never fully emptied out. So uncomfortable most days . Depression has slowly crept up on me.Not much awareness here in Australia on this disease and not much information for me to get my hands on. I have inboxed a few people from this page to see how they are recovering but no response . I don't have the same taste buds I once did that's for sure. Lost weight to. Just hoping it does take up to a year to heal and be back to normal .

Iberogast has kind of helped take it three times a day but still not feeling like myself. 

Hope someone can share.

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IBS treatment in Australia - Mo ash University is foremost in developing Fodmaps which has been of huge benefit to me and many others.  They have an app which helps you work out what foods to eat and what not to.  Take a look at the website to see if it can help you too.  Sorry that should say Monash University

Stussy81 in reply to Hidden

Jeez! Have they left anything out ? Stuff my life. I'm already under weight. Hope it's not permanent . 

Naz786 in reply to Hidden

Is that in Australia or America?

I suffer from ibs for as long as I can think of.

Is there any effective treatment for it.

What is c.diff?

A disgusting gastro disease . Clostridium Difficile . Basically I took too many antibiotics for this for that and eventually killer all the good bacteria in my gut . So basically welcoming any infection to the gut . We all can get c.diff but we have good bacteria to fight it unlike me . Perhaps if I had taken a pro biotic while on the antibiotics I wouldn't be on this subject site but I have learnt my lesson now . I been taking pro biotics since I got diagnosed along with the antibiotics they gave me to kill the bacteria .Im finally healed ! I hope but the aftermath of a damaged gut that has brought post infection ibs

You likely have SIBO.

Gas colonoscopy and endoscopy. The only thing gastro dr told me I had was toxic ibs. Everything looked OK. One nasty dibilitating disease .

Stussy81 in reply to Stussy81

Had not Gas

I've struggled with the same, I don't wish it on my worst enemy! I'm sorry you are suffering with this.  The best and only thing I gave found to clear all the bacterial infections caused by IBS is a probiotics.  I noticed the pill form had only a small effect at that point any effect was a good effect! However I came across a farmers market that sold organic cold pressed Sour Kraut in different flavors along with just selling the brine/juice of this mixture alone. So I decided to give it a try and wow! What a difference! I found it settles my stomach, a calming effect and stops the bacteria from getting out of control it also aids in digestion something my body needs help with.  This product is only sold here because it is cold pressed but it is my suggestion you find some kind of Natural probiotics to balance the flora in your gut.  I wish you all the best! 

Stussy81 in reply to Healing4me

Yep I tried the sour kraut , and it wasn't as good to me.  Yes probiotics will hopefully fix me in time .

Naz786 in reply to Healing4me

Do u have any suggestions on a good quality prebiotic?

Stussy81 in reply to Naz786

I was 34 when I got sick and it was only then I found out what probiotics were and what their purpose was. After 4 months taking one every evening after dinner I have to say they have made me better. In terms of giving me back my good bugs .

Stussy81 in reply to Naz786

My gastro dr recommended inner health plus

Healing4me in reply to Naz786

I've found natural probiotics to be most effective, as I said about the organic cold pressed Sour Kraut. The pill forms of probiotics is expensive and have a smaller effect. Sorry I can't be of more help.

After months on antibiotics the microflora balance in you intestinal system will be incredibly unbalanced. I recommend adding kefir to your daily regime to help rebalance this. It will help speed up your recovery by reestablishing your bacterial colony balance. For more information feel free to contact me via my FB page Jist Science and Nutrition. 

Lyndsay Hepburn 

BSC hons, MSc, Associate Nutritionist with the UK Association For Nutrition. 

Waterworks in reply to lynz60

I found I could not tolerate kefir - made my condition worse in fact.

lynz60 in reply to Waterworks

Did you use milk based kefir grains? I am lactose intolerant so milk grains weren't an option, many IBS sufferers are lactose intolerant which may be why it made you worse. You can get water kefir which is what I used. I have had gastrointestinal issues, including several surgeries, for over 14 years. I decided to try kefir grains as other prebiotic can contain inulin which is high in FODMAP so very likely to cause issues with IBS. Kefir grains worked. I haven't had to use them in a few years as the six months use in 2013 seems to have sorted things out.

Waterworks in reply to lynz60

Thank you lynz60. That is very interesting and helpful.  Will look into it further and try again.

That's exactly what the Gastro Specislist said. I'm eating a vaalia probiotic yogurt a day and have not missed my inner health plus probiotic ( dr said they are the best) although never heard of kefir. I'll look for it next time I'm out. Thanks 

lynz60 in reply to Stussy81

See reply above r.e lactose intolerance, the prebiotic may contain lactose and other sugars that can aggravate IBS. Worth trying water kefir. 

Your right ! At first I used the inner health plus but boy that was bad . Then I discovered the dairy free one and haven't looked back .

lynz60 in reply to Stussy81

Check to make sure your fairy free doesn't contain inulin though as that could be aggravating your symptoms too x

lynz60 in reply to lynz60

*dairy...some typo that was.

I just made an account so I can answer you. Just for context, I had c-diff about 4 months ago and had Flagyl and did an FMT via colonoscopy. I've also recently done more follow-up FMT's via enema.

How much better am I? I'd say 75%. I suffer from what you call post cdiff IBS. I've tried a whole bunch of treatments but figured out what was wrong with me.

1) 1 FMT is not enough to restructure the biome to a healthy state. You need FMT to bring back the bacteria you lost by c-diff (active c-diff causes inflammation that kills good bacteria) and the ABX

2) Because the active c-diff essentially blows up the intestinal cells, your bodies immune system went hyperactive trying to repair it. Thus, you would have cells in your stomach that have hyperactive nerves, mast cells, 5ht, SERT and everything else. What this means is that your gut is going to be stuck in a hyperactive state for years (yes, years). There is no cure other than time. Fortunately, we have drugs to help with the pain. Most of these are 5ht3 antagonist (Amitriptyline, Ondansetron). These drugs stop the nerves in your gut from sending signals to your brain, thus reduction of abdominal pain, gut motility (food stays in your stomach longer so no D and loose stools). These drugs help keep your mind off the pain until over time your body hopefully slowly heals and removes the hyperactive nerves.

3) Try Enteragam - which helps repair your gut. It's a bovine derived serum (cows blood) which contains a high dose of IGG/IGA which are antibodies that help restructure and repair the gut. You can try L-glutamine for the same reason.

4) Eat foods that are easy to digest but also act as prebiotics for the gut microbiota (cooked veggies, some fruits, cooked oats, etc...)

5) Wait... Time is the healing factor. It takes a long time, but studies have shown that PI-IBS after an infection can take upwards of 8-10 years to resolve. Until we figure out how engineer apoptosis in the gut (programming cells to die), we have to let the body naturally do it's job.

I hope this was helpful, I've read so many scientific articles, gone through treatments, and came up with all this information. All the reading in the world just pointed to the fact that I'm human, science is limited and I'll have to wait. As a Christian, it points to my Soverign God who is in control of every cell and bacteria and is using every pain for my good (that is, to be made holy and be in the likeness of His son Jesus Christ - who endured suffering and hardship in this world to save sinners like you and me).



dragon656 in reply to linrichard

Hi Richard,

I was impressed with your conclusions. Clearer than the gastroenterologist I saw.

I have a similar situation. C diff about 10 months ago which was resolved with Dificid. But it left me with visceral hypersensitivity in my stomach/esophagus and with IBS. I have been taking 2 types of probiotics daily plus Iberogast 3x daily. I have been on and off Enteragam.

My question for you is are you sure that Enteragam is working? Does it repair the colon or is it just helping symptoms? It says it's for IBS-D. I feel like I alternate between IBS-C and D.

Also, where did you learn that it can take 8 to 10 years to heal? I've never seen such a long period. I'm curious about that.

Any other suggestions? Anyone else here is welcome to chime in.


Lanica in reply to dragon656

I had C Diff from multiple antibiotics , which was successfully treated 2 and a half years ago (winter/spring 2016) . Except, that I never felt the same again. And yes, there are studies ( NIH, and others), that claim that it is absolutely possible to take up to 7 or 8 years for stomach , and intestines to heal itself after C Diff infection. C Diff , destroying good gut biota, basically affects your brain too, which is in close relation with the gut, which further produces PTSD - like symptoms from C Diff ( i.e. constant fear of getting it again), which, further, produces huge anxiety that negatively affects gut. Vicious circle at its worst. Sounds complicated, but in reality it is not. It actually makes a lot of sense. I have a feeling I will never stop fearing C Diff infection. I fear I will never be able to relax again, and I fear that, for sure, sometimes in my life I will be forced to take antibiotics. Not easy at all to live like this.

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