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Does anyone else struggle to maintain a healthy weight due to IBS? Ive recently gone through a rough patch and have lost a fair amount of weight. I was already thin! Its the nausea which affects me the most and i never seem to have any appetite. I could easily go all day without eating so have to force myself to eat because i know i have too. Does anyone else have this?

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  • Yes absolutely! I'm 5ft 10 and have spent most of the last 12 months hovering around 9 and a half stone. Only recently diagnosed with IBS and haven't been able to tolerate gluten or dairy. The weight loss has worried me as much as the pain. So having had all the tests - all of which were negative and trying not to be stressed (easier said than done) a friend recommended walking to improve my appetite and eating carbohydrates with every meal. I'm eating a lot of gluten free pasta and pure oat muesli and i am now finally starting to feel better and put on a small amount of weight. I haven't replaced what I've lost yet but feel like I am on the right path. Having said that, bad day today!! I've also tried to limit how many times I weight myself - keeping checking doesn't help. Hope that helps a bit.

  • This sounds exactly like me. Im 5ft 9 and reckon im probably around the 9 stone mark. im trying to eat as much as i can but with the nausea its not very easy. Ive been trying to drink protein shaked just to top up my calories. I try not to weigh myself also as i know i'll be dissapointed by the results. I'll try adding some more carbs as per your suggestion. I know xercise helps but its so difficult to do when you feel so terrible.

  • I know when I feel bad it's difficult to walk but a couple of short walks a day has helped - apparently it keeps your gut moving. I also have two breakfasts (one at normal time) and one mid morning) like you say even if I don't want it. I haven't tried the protein shakes...not good with that sort of drink. Hope things pick up for you

  • Thanks. My strategy today is just continuosly eat, had 2 bananas and porridge so far. I find that its much easier for me to eat little and often then eating one big meal. Been to the gym once this week on monday (this was by far my 'best' day this week) and i have to admint it did increase my apetite. But then back to square one the day after. Its so random! Can i ask what your main symptoms are? Im not in any pain as such, just have no appetite and pretty much constant nausea.

  • Nausea that comes and goes, abdominal pain and bad bowel movements....good luck. Let me know how you get on

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