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I hope by sharing my experiences I can try to feel better by knowing i am not alone and suffering from something more serious. My first battle with my digestive system,apart from constipation since childhood, reared itself in 2009 when i suffered a sudden bowel bleed with painful cramps. To get a diagnosis seemed to take forever and i didn't undergo a colonoscopy until Jan 2010 although did have a sigmoidoscopy which was clear. Finally advised had mild diverticula disease. By this time I was feeling horribly ill and had to give up work. Eventually regained my health and returned to work. About 18 months later began to feel unwell again. Thought it was a bladder infection. Other symptoms began to slot in and the anxiety levels soared. Numerous tests were negative. A ovarian cyst was spotted and removed. I slowly improved. Now another year or so on and I'm ill again. Symptoms gradually build and become debilitating. Nausea and belching particularly in the morning on waking. No appetite. Random painn under ribs. Sore spits in bowel. Not constipated or suffering diarrhea but loose. Strong acid taste in mouth. I'm now in usual limbo while GP decides how to deal with it. On antidepressants but no real change. I suspect a build of stress triggers it off but no real idea. Just frightened all the time. I have an overactive thyroid as well but this is ok at moment. Anyone relate to this?

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  • Hi ....I do know how you feel.I was diagnosed years ago with ibs.But 5 yrs ago my GP sent me for an endoscopy and it showed gastritis and deuodenitis.I was put on omeperazole,now 5yrs on I was sent again for another endoscopy (must say that one was the worst experience of my life) Was told I had polyps on my stomach and inflammation ,was being fast tracked for cancer,but still waiting for ct results to rule that out.Since then I have felt really ill.I am constantly feeling sick,can't eat much and constipated.Like you I have really strong acid taste in my mouth and burping all the time.I have started taking DGL liquorice chewable tablets though twice a day and must say it helps with the full feeling that I get a lot.They also help to ease that horrible lump in the throat feeling.Have you tried aloe Vera capsules,I've just started taking them this week,just one a day.A nurse told me to give them a try.They are very calming for the stomach.Hope you feel better very soon ☺️

  • The lump in the throat feeling sounds like osoephagitis (sp?).

  • Hi you mentioned osoephagitis,would the gastroenterologist been able to detect this during my endoscopy?He was very abrupt and heavy handed during the procedure and just wandering if he could have missed anything.Thank you

  • Hi Prinsess, I had acid reflux for a several years which gave me the nasty acid taste in my mouth, irritating my tongue terribly. I felt like I had a lump in my throat and was generally unwell. I was told I had oesophagitis. For many years I had suffered with IBS and colitis with constant diarrhoea but it is also possible for constipation to cause acid reflux and hence oesophagitis. Thankfully I am much better now and things are under control. I’ve just googled ‘can constipation cause acid reflux' and was surprised at how much information there was; give it a go! Good luck

  • Hi Chelsea thank you for your reply.I will look it up,I'm always googling Trouble is I always frighten myself,thinking the worst all the time.But feeling really off lately so think it best Thanks again ☺️

  • Keep testing for things to rule other things out - have you been tested for ovarian cancer - similar symptoms to IBS. Keep a diary of your food and what else is going on i.e. Stress levels, sleep quality etc. Identify food triggers and try removing gluten and dairy from your diet to see if your symptoms improve. There is also FODMAP to look at if you thinks it's IBS x

  • It sounds like you are going round and round with this one, without getting to the root.

    As constipation has been an issue for you in the past, this article may be of interest:

    It may be causing other issues you have too.

    Hope this moves you forward,


  • Hi Prinsess, I had several years of being really poorly, one thing after the other. I’m not overweight, don’t have thyroid problems and nothing sinister going on but my life was really miserable. Constant diarrhoea and generally feeling yuk. At last I have found a Consultant who is quite caring for someone who doesn’t suffer with the condition themselves! He prescribed Symprove a probiotic and after several months I am so much better, haven’t been so ‘normal’ for 40+ years! I will have to stay on it for life and am in the throes of deciding what to take as a maintenance dose or whether to stick with the normal one rather than rock the boat! I am selective with what I read using google but to be honest, I found I got so little help and information from the medical profession that I had to take matters into my own hands. Forums such as this one can be more help than constant trips to the GP’s. Good luck and I hope you get sorted soon.

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