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Don't give up!


I'm writing the following in the hope that other IBS-D sufferers will slowly learn how to mange their symptoms, and persist in trying to lead a more better life.

I'm 27 years of age, and have suffered with IBS since April 2014.

Initially, my symptoms included diarreha, nausea, and mild cramps. I began taking Buscopan and was content. My symptoms subsided and I carried on living a normal lifestyle. This was until last year, when everything came crashing down.

It all began with a uti, I was prescribed with antibiotics, and assumed I'd be better after finishing the course. However, a couple of days after, I began vomiting relentlessly and my bowel movements mimicked the episodes of when I first was diagnosed with IBS. I went back to my GP and they gave me different antibiotics advising me that my body didn't react very well to the first ones. There after, I was constantly bloated, nauseous and having attacks of diarehha.

I carried on visiting my GP but they told me to carry on taking Buscopan. It didn't help in the slightest and at this stage the real panic set in.

A month after the uti, I stopped eating when I was at work in fear of having another attack of diarrehha. My stomach was churning on a daily basis. I'd eat a banana before I went into work and throughout the day sipped on water. This didn't stop the diarrehha however. Imodiums were my saviour for a couple of hours until it happened all over again. On one occasion even after taking imoduim the diarrehha did not stop. I was sat crying, having a mental breakdown in the train station. I felt helpless. The following day I handed in my resignation.

Once I quit work I began having intense pain in my abdomen, it was excruciating. Upon a ultra sound scan, a cyst was discovered on my ovaries. A month later due to the unbearable pain I had it removed.

I was optimistic, finally I had an answer for the nausea, change in bowel movements, and the bloating. Unfortunately, a week after the operation I realised the cyst was not the cause of the pain and diarrehha.

I returned to my GP on several occasions before they arranged an endoscopy (I did have to fight for this). I would like to add even before my operation whenever I visited the GP they never gave me any medication apart from Imodium, peppermint capsules or Buscapon. I was noticing blood in my stools but they told me it was just a part of IBS. They prescribed me with citalopram (because I asked for help due to my panic attacks), after questioning why at such a young age I need it!

After the endoscopy, the results stamped I was a sufferer of IBS, and whilst discussing the report with the GP, he had no advise on how to manage my symptoms. I began crying and pleading with the doctor, upon which he gave me cocodamol to deal with my pain.

I became desperate. I could not leave the house. I had diarrehha everyday and was rapidly losing weight. I knew which foods were my triggers but still this didn't stop me from sitting on the toilet for most of the day. I felt sweaty and clammy and developed a notion things will never get better. I'd cry myself to sleep. "Why me?" I would think.

I am embarrassed to admit I soiled my pants on many occasions.

So, now 6 months later I was leading a meaningless life. Staying at home, no socialising, no holidays and no job. I felt suicidal.

One day, I started planning, mentally how I would end my life, Google held many answers on the "easiest way to die". I settled to jump out of a window and fall to my death, but something was stopping me from carrying it out, and it was my dad. I knew it'll kill him, so after stalling to visit the GP again I made an appointment.

On the way I was in two minds, I was tired of hearing "there's no cure" but at the same time I wanted my life back. When I went in for my appointment I mentally broke down. Everything gushed out, how I was feeling and what having IBS had done to me. I was prescribed with Mebeverine.

That changed everything.

Now, a year later, I'm back at work. I still do have diarrehha but it is nothing compared to before. I finally got my life back.

I just want anybody who's suffering with IBS, depression or anything else to constantly question your GP, push them to do blood tests, scans and do research.

Sorry, this post it quite long but I hope I've helped somebody.

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Hiya. I'm so glad that things have started to settle down for you now. However I would seriously suggest changing doctors. Loosing weight, blood in stalls, constant dihorrea. They are All so alarming.

Hope things keep going on the up for you :)


Hi, thank you! I have changed doctors, and they are so understanding.

Its a daily battle but I'm winning 😊


Glad to hear it :) I like to read successful stories of people getting better than they were. Gives me hope. So thankyou for your post. :)

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You're very welcome, I hope you find your routine and medication to make you better. 🤗

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Good morning

I am so pleased you have found a way through this. It's a horrible illness and I know what you are going through. Did the Citalopram work for you. I have been prescribed it but am too scared to take it in case it makes my diarrhoea worse.


Good Morning.

It is so horrible. I found citalopram did not make my diarrehha worse.

Have you tried Mebeverine? 😌


I do colonic irrigation every morning for 2 years still have lots of pain just keep pushing your self - not easy


Thank you Neil.


so glad you found some relief I have Ibs as well some times C and sometimes D the D is mostly just really loose and goopy or snake like. I also have a nervous stomach so when I get stressed out I get the diarrhea as my stomach is in a big knot. I can't sleep I loose weight etc. foods are a big trigger as well I don't eat anything with Nitrates, no hydrogenated oil only olive oil coconut rice brand or grape seed, no citrus, caffeine, chocolate or soy plus certain herbs etc. so I have to read every label on everything before I buy. any way I am sure glad you did not commit suicide that tells me you are a fighter like me. I have 2 tattoos on me one says not now not ever and the other one is onward and upward. meaning not now not ever do I quit its upward and upward I go no matter how hard it is. I take inulation and body biotics everyday along with other natural health products I have never been to a regular doctor for meds I am intolerant or allergic to most. Doctors don't seem to help me much. I had a Kinesiologist that did more for me then any doctor but she passed away and I miss her. Keep fighting and never give up others are here to help when you are down.

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Thank you Kimmiejo, I used to keep a food diary which helped me to understand what was triggering my diarrehha. But, sometimes I can eat foods I eat on a regular basis and that causes an attack. It makes me feel happy knowing we're all fighting!


Yep! I used to think I was the only one with my problem as nobody else in the family was like me I have had it all my life more or less so it's nice to know we are all on the same page so we can incourage one another.

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Definitley 👍🏼


Do not apologise for the long post, it's good to 'get it out there' and help people whilst doing that. What a brave young woman you are Poppy admitting how you felt, that is not an easy thing to do as there are a lot of us that just keep it to ourselves.

It was so bad that you had to beg with your doctor, I cannot believe the way some of them are and feel that you just have to get on with it, how would they like to feel like that every day. I'm so glad you have found another doctor.

I've had IBS for 20 years and it flared up again last year and I am now slowly but surely working through my diet and finding out what my triggers are and Lactose certainly seems to be one of them along with raw carrots, raw and cooked onions, sweetcorn and dates. I love broccoli but can only eat small amounts. I am slowly but surely cutting foods out that go against the FODMAP diet. I am stocking up my cupboards with those foods and will be on it fully when I get back from holiday.

Well done to you, you are brave and very best of luck to you.


Thank you very much, I'm glad you're managing to slowly but surely get your life back on track.

I did stall for so long to write my post because it's so difficult to talk about but I'm happy I've put it up to help others.


Stalling before putting the post up wasn't a bad thing, we have to think a while before we act but you did do the right thing and it was a very brave thing to do. I'm so glad you've shared it with others and yes it will help them as it will let them realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it may take a while but it's worth it.

Take care x


That's so kind of you to say.

Thank you xx


You are most welcome poppy and here's to a good future.

Alicia xx


So glad you are feeling better now. Mebeverine has been my saviour too for the pain. Thought I was dying a few times. Felt like I had perforated my gut it was so awful.

Had blood tests done for intolerances. Cost a lot but I have been so much better since stopping triggers I had not appreciated before. Had worked out lots of others myself in the past.

Keep on going. Life can be better.


Thank you, definitely life can and will get better 👍🏼


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