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Fedup and scared


Taking laxido twice daily for 9 days now. I've had 20 bowel movements including diarrhoea for 2 days. I'm so fedup with the urges to push and I can feel something very hard. I've become so scared that I'm going to push out my insides.

I know IBS is common in people with anxiety. I have Extreme Anxiety Disorder. Told it's not my meds causing constipation cos they cause diarrhoea. I see my doctor again on Monday. Get the feeling I still come away with no diagnosis. Terrified it's colon cancer, bowel cancer or ulcerative Colitis.

Ran out of suppositories so I'm using anusol piles cream.

Has anyone got any tips to help me through this pain please?

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It sounds to me like you're overdoing the laxatives? 20 bowel movements in 9 days is a lot and if it's become diarrhoea that may be because your body is overloaded with the laxido. Long term it would probably be a good idea to tackle your anxiety as a priority, as you'll probably find that helps your ibs a great deal. Good luck!


I agree with the previous post that you're overdoing the Laxido. Cut down to 1 sachet a day and, if it still makes you open your bowels too often, make it every other day.

Ask your doctor to refer you for a colonoscopy to put your mind at rest regarding your fears.

Get an appointment with your GP as soon as possible..........explain your severe anxiety and concerns and request a colonoscopy which would probably put your mind at rest .

In the meantime whilst waiting for your GP appointment , go to your local chemist and tell him about the laxatives you are taking. It does seem excessive which would make you feel like you want to push.

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Twice a day was gp's advice and that's what's in the patient info leaflet. Thankyou for replying.

Hi there Clare, I would certainly go back to your GP regarding your bowels. I have IBS C and for the constipation I soak Organic (I would rather buy organic) Golden Linseeds and soak around 1 rounded dessertspoonful in approximately a 3rd of a mug of water and leave to soak for an hour and then drink. You can also grind the Linseeds down so that they are more digestible.

In the meantime I strongly advise you to look at the Thrive Programme for your Extreme Anxiety Disorder. I have just started on the Programme, which you do yourself using one of Rob Kelly's books (Rob is the person that created this programme). I have completed one exercise in the book and am just about to do another but it's a revelation reading through the book as I'm now starting to question myself. You see I have Emetophobia (fear of being sick, people being sick around me, catching tummy bugs etc - not good with IBS as I also get nausea sometimes with IBS) and this book, I feel, is starting to help me already as I am now questioning myself. There is something that got back to me on this network that has completed the programme and she said it's amazing and the reviews for the programme are excellent, here is the link below:


Very best of luck.


Thankyou for that. I'll check it out. I'm seeing my gp tomoro afternoon. So scared of having an accident on the way.

Clare--I have severe constipation due to my meds and I also have IBS and have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 30 years. Let's just say I call Laxido--Laxidon't--It did the same thing to me. I felt like I was living on the toilet. Believe it or not--I started taking lactulose and it works so much better--I know people say its gentle and won't work as well--I did not find that--yes, I still have about 4 bm's a day but its better than 20+-the thing about lactulose is it is not absorbed -it works more I guess from making the bm easier to pass from the way it coats your bowels--all I know is i'm not getting the crazy crap(literally and figuratively) I was getting with the laxidon't--and believe me when I say I have severe constipation. Like building blocks my friend--hard as rocks and each about the size of a building block--I was always bloated--now I'm not with the lactulose--I am so much more comfortable. I just take 15mls a day. Good luck and keep away from the laxido --its pure hell--

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To Julee75

Thankyou so much for replying. You've sort of put my mind at rest. I can't stand this troubled tummy anymore!

I'm agoraphobic and I have Extreme Anxiety Disorder + more. This constipation is stopping me trying to get out. Having my bum telling me I need to poo and then straining so hard that I got piles, is making me miserable. Constant bloated tummy (7 months pregnant?) No not at my age! No confidence. Pains in tummy, lethargic, tired, Incontinence.

Not getting any relief, even after a poo!

Gp put me on Omeprazole. Next it's blood tests and poo tests.

I've had anxiety since childhood. I'm 49 now.

Last gp advice was-1 sachet of laxido daily. If loose poo- reduce or stop. Not happy like this! Feel like my insides are going to drop out of me. Feels as if I'm trying to give birth to a big hard mass, but it's soft and its too hard not to strain cos I can't help it!

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