Amitryptaline update so disappointed

Hello everyone just a wee update. Im feeling a bit downhearted today. Have now been on amitryaline 10mg for one month and thought i was on the road to feeling a bit better overall. Iv not had the runs once since starting this medication. Still had the odd belly ache and cramps but i can deal with that. But since last night iv had a really sore belly and have came to work and been struck down with the runs. Im literally gutted. I genuinely thought i wouldnt have to deal with this again so soon and it leaves me feeling so deflated sore and washed out. I guess its a harsh reminder that drugs are only masking whatever is goingon inside 😞☹️☹️

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  • Hi.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell not easy esp when your at work.

    With Amitriptyline it can take a bit longer to work a consultant told me it can take a few months to get the maximum benefit.

    Are you on anything else? I take probiotic called quest mega 8 biotix they really have helped me with the pain and diarrhoea which was really bad at times but I also have crohn's which makes it a bit tricky but the probiotics definitely help me a lot. I'm also on colofac and buscopan.

    You have probably heard about diet changes that can help maybe worth keeping a food diary to try to identify any triggers.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care

  • Thanku for ur kind reply im on here looking at other posts every day so i have taken a lot on board but i think everyone gets fedup of me because i just refuse to restrict my diet in the way some of these diets advise such as fodmaps etc i have cut out dairy but theres definately something else underlying im actually wondering if its sugar related i hope not 😞 I also take buscopan and codeine for chronic back pain. Im really shocked that the combination of amitryptaline codeine and buscopan are still allowing diarrhoea i thought all of them were meant to slow things down. The other thing bothering me is i swore i wouldnt let myself get to the point i was taking meds regularly i always thought id manage to sort myself out before i got to that point. I honestly wish i didnt have to eat at all. Its been a crap day 😏

  • Try sticking to the FODMAP diet, it is so easy especially if you use the scanner. You really need to get rid of the FODMAP 's in your system , lactose Gluten etc . It makes such a difference, my anxiety levels dropped, confidence levels have gone up . It's amazing knowing you can control your diet to take away the pain. It really affects your mood which is understandable. Don't give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have gone from eating chicken and potatoes to, chicken roast potatoes sweet potato mash vegetables and home made Yorkshire pudding ... even custard and pears. I'm not starving anymore and feel 100% better. Hugs

  • Thanks lynne its nice to know im not the only one with problems x

  • Amitryptaline 10mg is a tiny dose. It helps relax the gut. It will help but not stop IBS. It has few lasting side effects. You have IBS there is no cure. You have bad times & not so bad. Diet does help. I am very encourage by some help using some fodmap guidelines. Are you using Mebeverine hydrochloride it help.

  • Hi there,

    I've been on 10mg a couple weeks but am upping the dose to 20mg as it's not helping much either. I have restricted my diet but last night had a nasty flare up- can't pin point why! Also had reading of 123 calprotectins so being sent for colonoscopy.

    Give it some time and maybe see gp again x

  • What are calprotectens jane?x

  • They are a marker for inflammation in the digestive system showing up in a stool test. I'm 52 so should have a level of 50 to 51. I'm sure 123 isn't super high. Also blood test showed my folate level ( iron) to be 2.4 - should be around 11 and my liver markers were raised. All these results are tied into the fact I'm constantly suffering bouts of the runs ( can be couple times a day up to 8 9 times in a bad flare up , and am in pain almost every day. Hence colposcopy to be booked to go have a nasty peek at what's going on!!

  • That's 8 to 9 times not 89- though it sure feels that way at times 😏

  • Oh god u poor soul 😔

  • My calprotectin was the same, that's not high, it just means there is inflammation there.

  • I stopped using Mebeverine because it has lactose in it !

  • Mebeverine has Lactose in it, I couldn't take it, especially as getting rid of all the FODMAP s in my system

  • Hi. Have you tried going of dairy products for a few weeks and see if there is a change? I believe dairy is difficult for humans to digest, being meant for the fast growing bodies of young cows!!

  • I dont eat dairy already i cut it out a good few years ago 😕X

  • It's amazing that a lot of foods have dairy in them and you don't know. Even fresh chickens and wine !!!

  • I'm not taking any drugs now, am even having to stop at the chippy 3 times a week( have never ever done that, I'm not a fast food kind of person) because I'm starving , not a side effect !

  • Oh I love fish and chips but an hour after whoosh!! It's the dairy and gluten in the batter and gluten on the chips from frying in same oil as chips!! Oh and of course fried!! Some chip shops now do gluten free version even down to having gluten free vinegar!! 🙂

  • Our chippy isn't allowed due to fish allergies ( which I have ) to fry in both . Now you mention it we do have a gluten free chippy ... lunch 😂

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