Really Fed Up!

Im getting rather angry and down by this constant belly ache and feeling my gutts are stretching. Im sick of the head and back aches and now i get acid reflux - im taking my mebeverine and trying my hardest to eat regually but with a busy life style and a diabetic boyfriend its tricky to find a balance on whens best to eat.

Im waking up feeling rotton with lower abdol aches, i feel weak and crappy and the only thing that helps is if i massage my lower abdol.

I look 6 months pregnant but its impossible, im male and i pass enough wind. Ive always been a small weight and now my stomach huge everyone is passing comment and i feel terrible 😕

Please tell me im not alone with this???

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  • I share your discomfort, without really having a solution but have cut out few things such as broccoli, cauliflour, onions, leeks nuts and seeds (all of which I like as they are also good for you).. Cos I have gallstones and acid reflux it seems like things just don't function like they did when I was younger. It is embarrassing and it limits things I would like to do sometimes, so like you I will be following this subject and look for ideas. Also I have to eat sitting at a table otherwise the reflux is really uncomfy

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for the comment. Touching on the sitting at a table to eat, i have to really focus on how my body posture is lately when i eat otherwise i will feel terrible aftetwards. I do find peppermint tea aftet eating helps.

    I feel like im getting every issue under the sun lately. Started with Anxiety Disorder when i was 16 followed by IBS, acid reflux,ezcema............ive been naughty with food over xmas too and its KILLING me

  • I also drink Twinings herbal ginger tea for digestion and camomile tea for calming and sleeping, raising the head of the bed may help reflux I don't eat after about 6 pm and I drink quite a lot of water during the day (still suffer though) !,

  • Great thanks for the advice. 8pm is my eating limit.

    I find when my acid is bad having two rennies followed by 2 gavisxon 30mins later kills it

  • I take prescription Omaprazole for reflux, been taking it some years as I had inflamed lining of oesophageal area, taking this regularly has kept the inflammation from getting bad and last endoscopy was clear, Tho I still take. It on prescription ..still do have nighttime reflex but this seems to keep it under control

  • Hi I'm taking mebeverine, appercap, prozac and buscopan, still have sh**** days but all if bee told by the Dr is the can help manage the pain. Your not alone. I'm now trying to get hold of symprove probiotic . Boot don't have it nore do tescos and Holland and Barrett didn't even know what it IS! okay can order on Internet . When I've tried if I will let you know if that helps. Good luck.

  • I have bought from Holland and Barratt..Bioglan Biotic Balance ultimate flora live cultures.. Take one capsule with cold drink after main meal.. Very expensive, so will ask Dr if it's worth it.. Can't say amazing difference but have only beenon them about two weeks..Think they make many capsules, but really don't believe e in taking loads of things, certainly not all at once.


  • Its horrendous. I feel my gp parms me off half the time as thou im dramatic but im not i am genuinally struggling. My bf gets my anger an aweful lot

  • I got totally fed up after Thanksgiving (I'm here in the USA) -- and decided to stop eating bread, grains and sugar. I'm eating protein and vegetables. I probably should also cut out dairy -- but I'm not ready to go that far yet. The results have been great though. My IBS-C is much better. I would say I am feeling 80 per cent better. Processed carbs feed bad bacteria in the gut -- and probably is the cause of much IBS -- according to a study done by Cedars Sinai Hospital in California. It might be worth a try for you.

    Basically follow a Paleo type diet.

  • Thanks for the advise. My doctor has not told me what form of IBS i have. I try very hard to not eat processed foods. I cant cut out sugar yet, i love chocolate.

    My ibs feels okay today but my acid build up is bad :(

  • If you have diarrhea you have IBS-D, if you have constipation you have IBS-C. It's that simple. You can get chocolate without sugar. I just ordered chocolate bars with stevia. Your acid reflux will go away too once you cut out processed carbs. Mine completely cleared up. No more acid reflux. I was heavily addicted to carbs and thought I would not be able to give up my morning toast. Wrong! You can give it up once you want to stop suffering.

  • Well then i have C and D cos it really depends i suffer both.

  • I really feel for you and you seem to be getting the symptoms that I have had over the time I have had IBS (I was diagnosed in 1996). Although I still get the cramp like pains and a little bloating it is quite rare for me now to experience extreme bloating like you have explained.

    I read an article many years ago in a magazine about a guy that also suffered with IBS and started taking multi vitamins but they were a specific brand and contained probiotics. The name of the multi vitamins is Multi Bionta and they are made by Seven Seas (UK) - the vitamins are in a blue box (I have added a link below to the ones that I purchase). Although I still suffer from IBS C I certainly don't suffer like I did before I started taking them.

    Also, I very rare eat broccoli or cauliflower any more as they both come from the brassica family of vegetables i.e. cabbages are also from the same family. Unfortunately I am no longer able to eat these vegetables as they make my IBS flare up. I sometimes buy frozen broccoli but only have it with a couple of meals and then leave it for a few weeks before eating it again - I seem to be able to tolerate this amount.

    I know I could probably improve my IBS even more by changing my diet but I have to say I have been completely lazy and not bothered.

    I hope that your IBS improves.

    Best of luck

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