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Hi all iv been having a relatively quiet spell with my ibs lately thank goodness (touch wood) however i also have back problems and take 2 codeine 30/500mg a day on a good day and up to 8 on a very bad day of pain. Anyway on saturday my back went from me as it does sometimes and i had to up my pain meds to include 5mg diazepam twice a day. I held off taking antiinflzmmatries as they are my stomachs worst enemy but the back pain got so bad by sunday evening i had to take naproxen. I have taken a total of 5 naproxen tablets since then aswell as my diazepam and codeine and only today are things easing off but my belly has now started complainjng. Its a horrible gnawing ache on the upper right of my abdomen under my right breast which gets worse when im hungry altho eating doesnt completely get rid of it and wakes me up at 4am in the morning. Someone suggested it may be a spasm and to try gaviscon. Anyone else had this?

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  • HI MONTYKAT: You have back problems too? I have severe degeneratuve disk disease [along with off and on IBS] and have seere pain in low back into left back side; only relief of pain is whenlaying down. If I am on my feet more than 15 minutes all hell breaks loose! I take Ratio Emtec [Tylenol 3 without caffeine] which taks the edge off the pain but not totally. Itakethem 2 every 4 hours. Then you have to be careful because it causes constipation; so, along with the IBS the gut pays a price. I take BUSCAPAN and PANTAPROZOL for the ibs and have to watch what I eat of course.

    What is your back problem?If it is similar to mine, how doyou cope with the pain?

    Hopeto hear frm you?

  • Hallo there isnt it terrible having back problems and ibs if its not one its the other playing up. My ibs started when i was 18 and its always been intestinal cramping for which i take buscopan and swing between constipation and diarhhoea unfortunately. I think i do have food intolerances but im very stubborn and find it hard to cut things out unless im in so much pain i cant stand it any longer. My back pain started when i was 25 after my first child and it has got progressively worse iv been for xray etc etc ehich showed nothing more than an extra vertebrae at the bottom of my back so basically my gp has told me i will be on pain meds for the rest of my life and i just need to learn to live with it. The pain in my back is lower right mainly and is a daily aching stabbing pain that gets worse the longer im on my feet laying down is the only thing that helps but if i lay too long i stiffen up its a viscious circle. Sometimes i will be doing something such as bending and pain rips through my back from right to left and im unable to move and need to be put to bed until it eases off itsso painful when this happens i just cry and cry. When this happens iv had to call gp for advice but have been refused home visits and cant sit in a car to get to a&e so i have to rely on what i have at home to get me through. I was originally given zapain (cocodamol 30/500) to take 4x2 daily and naproxen 2xdaily but anti inflammatorieshave made me really ill in the past so i try to avoid them. I took some this time due to the pain i was in but i then start getting the gnawing upper abdominal pain that starts at 4am and doesnt let up til iv eaten so iv gone back to just the zapain. Had to take this week of work which is also stressing me as we cant afford it so whether im better or not ill need to go back to work on monday #sigha#

  • Try colpermin or spoon of olive oil to lubricate

  • Hey thanks for reply but i dont quite understand ..lunbricate what exactly x

  • Soothes your colon allowing passage without irritation or pain particularly if you have a structure

  • Ah ok u mean the passage of meds?x

  • Everything

  • Could it be the lactose in the medication that is affecting you

  • DON'T TAKE ANY MORE NAPROXEN ! If you can help it, sounds like your stomach has had enough, watch your feaces for any change to dark/black tarry or smelling foul. It's probably all connected, you sound like me prior to back surgery, with the medication, I don't take any nsaid's as I had a significant gastric bleed, which was very scarey and painful. Ever been investigated for gall stones ? If you have some Omeprazole take it now, if it continues for more than a few days go see your Dr. I wish you relief from your pain, I really do know what it's like.

  • This is really spooky as 4 am is about the time my stomach wakes me up . I get hot sweats with it. Mine is is just under my breast bone. I get acid reflux so take omaprazole but Gaviscon is a life saver to me.

  • Yes i get hot sweats too its horrible. Iv not touched any anti inflammatories since i wrote this post and touch wood havnt experienced the gnawing pain again as yet. I tried omeprazole but it made me ill with the same symptoms as the naproxen. So im back to the drawing board now trying amitryptaline. But gaviscon has been a godsend for me too.

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