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Hello there I'm new!!!

Well after being diagnosed with ibs life has become a real struggle.i was at work on a course in Warrington 5th February 2015 to be precise and after lunch I felt a uncomfortable pain in my gut with a bloated feeling and guess what as of 10th may 2017 it never left!😞 I've had a ultra sound and the camera down and all appears ok Im on lansoprazole and amitriptyline and good old Asda peppermint oil capsules but the pain remains the same.i suffer a little with anxiety,get the stomach cramps now and again,I have brain fog and definitely fatigue as before I really loved life and had a real zest for it😘 I know my trigger foods and drinks,I'm nearly 47 married with 2 boys,.tried gluten free,negative the specialist didn't think it was dairy either causing the problem the only symptom I have avoided is diarrhoea which I am grateful for and reading on the forum before I posted I know people have suffered more and for longer than me ,so that's me I hope someone out there can help please!! 👍I got discharged from hospital as a on going case months ago and concluded I have post infectious ibs tests for coliec also came back negative 👎 much thanks terry 😊

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Hi there,

I have just come out of hospital after a hysterectomy and am suffering from the side affects of the drugs I was given..Laculase (a laxative -dissacharide sugar) If you know the FODMAP diet you will understand why this was not a good idea! I was and still am in agony. I find a lot of medicines use sweetners which cause IBS flare ups.

In addition Ibuprofen made my stomach so painful I couldn't even swallow water with out being in pain.

I would be very wary of any medication and whats more non of the professionals understand FODMAP and just think you are being awkward.

I have just discovered Silicol gel from Holland and Barrett which is working wonders..

Hope this helps.


Thanks for replying and good info yes ibuprofen is already a no no for me😖 I'm in with the Docter Friday so she if I can medication changed or reduced, chicken and egg scenario but we will see.


It's a long process to determine all your triggers. They can be food, stress, or medication related. I had good success with the FODMAPS diet to determine some of my food triggers. And it's really helpful if you buy a cheap ap for your phone to record symptoms and foods to look for trends. Much easier than trying to log things once you get home at the end of the day.

I also find exercise is good for numerous reasons. It can help expel your gas, and it helps to reduce stress which definitely improves my guts.

Good luck.


Thankyou friend,intreasting stuff in you're reply I have been having suspicions about my medication for some time now,at the doctors Friday so we will see what we decide between us.👍


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