Itchy anus/ nonstop!

Hey guys!

Ok so i have had hemmoroids on and off for as long as i can remember but my itchiness is ot of control and i can't stop scratching! I have tried apple cidervinegar was told it works. Nope! Then tried anusol no go and i went drs and she gave me novasone think a cortisone. So only 1 day on it but still so itchy i have scratched so much it feels raw suns etc. Only relief is shower. Any help please xxxx

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  • Sounds like you are in the classic itch,scratch,itch scenario. Try not to though, and the cream takes a while to work. Make sure you dry yourself properly too. If you have opened the skin you will need to take even more care as you dont want it becoming infected.

  • Your amus can becomeinfected??? What?? Just feels like i habe something in there if that makes senses. Cortisone ok for rectum??

  • Your in luck, gonna sound wierd, but I have basically been bedridden with my hems since December! From eating pancakes made from gluten free bisquick...which is basically white rice....ate them 3 days in a row...only one in family that is gf/df. Well my magO7 could not even get these sponges out, and I have been basically in pain ever since. I had to go out of my network to a very wonderful highly educated colorectal surgeon. I am allergic to everything, and now have got gastritis from hydrocortisone suppositories, along with the Amoils H formula , which is horse chesnut. You will not believe what he told me to get, got it, it works.....CVS brand of Desitin Max. I cut fingers off non latex gloves, put about 1/2 a teaspoon on the covered finger, stick it inside and rub it all around, and as deep as I can get it. It really works!!! I have read sites where other people have used desitin...I am so glad, because all the otc junk does nothing but leak in your underwear, and can cause you to get a bladder infection, of which I have had 4, since December. Due to insurance and being out of Network I have to wait a month to be ligated. I will be so happy when this ordeal is over...this was way worse than the 1/4 degree laceration I had from my son! Anyway I hope this helps you! Desitin!

  • I'm from Australia dont think i can get it :(

  • maybe check the internet, see if Target sells it. It is for diaper rash, and I am sure they have some form of it in your country, it is zinc oxide based with cod liver oil.

    Very old remedy. Maybe Target ships to your country?

    I will look on internet and see if I can find it and let u know....ask your pharmacist they will know what it is...very old remedy for diaper rash.

  • I found it, or Johnson's Baby Australia. It is called Desitin Rapid Relief Nappy Rash Ointment. 40% zinc oxide. I think most pharmacies would carry it? Look it has a store locater. There ya,go!

  • No way and this works for the itching???

  • well I do not get diaper rashes, and it has surely helped and ask, it is not that expensive, and it protects and heals, along with shrinking...if you have had these a long enough to try...I was amazed, if it does not work take it back, keep your receipt. When you buy it, mush the tube around for a while so it is mixed up well when u open it. Its up to u, but the surgeon that recommended this is far from a dummy!

  • thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!!

  • You are most welcome! I hope it helps! I do not know how people can live a normal life with these yuckie things! Why don't you get yours ligated, or is yours external? The desitin should help with both. Mine are only internal and do not bleed...which means they get really swollen were I can not even pass gas! so much pain and fun! hope u are better soon!


  • This shrinks the hemmoroids? I have had thrm internally and thr pop put when i strain for as long as i can remember. They bled on and iff for years but nothing over a yr.

  • I just started using it, it definitley shrinks and tightens things up inside...externally I am pretty sure it would be soothing, as it is used on babies! You could use aquaphore as a barrier, but I do not believe it would be as soothing or healing. All I can say is try it, when it comes this highly recommended by a highly recognized colorectal surgeon, and it is natural I listen. I am in a gastritis flare right now due to two other shrink items...hydrocortisone, chemical- and a supposed natural homeopathic called Amoils H, this has horse chesnut which works well...but it can cause the gastric response also. Right now the only other thing I can use is Natureplex Hemorrhoidal Cream...full of naural things...made in USA...maybe look that up...maybe they deliver. But for external itching try the desitin, cheap...CVS brand $4.00.

    The Amoils stuff was $60.00, and I am so gastritis. I do not have itching but If they use this on babies for diaper rash, it puts a thick healing shield over the inflamed area...New item for me and so far it has shown more than a little promise. Have a nice day! 👍

  • I am going back to sleep...but please tell me how did u get your lovlies to shrink for a year, and when do they come back?

    Mine seems white rice, or STRESS. Just trying to make sense of this insane

    problem! Thanx! 😊

  • I wanted to ask again this helps with the insane itching and ok for internal.amd external??

  • I bought it. Only a day in but how ling does it take to work? So itchy!

  • Have you tried taking a worming tablet? Worms are very easy to pick up without noticing.

    It may not be worms, but it would rule it out.


  • Ewwwww worms really. Hoe does that happen. Can they go away on there own. How do i fix it

  • Worm tablets from the Chemist. It may not be worms. But the tablets should fix the scratching if they are. You can pick them up worms from pets, from kids who have them, from dodgy Chinese restaurants. And a lot of people have them without knowing.

    My kids picked them up at school. That's how I found this out:)

  • Oh not good! I had this an problem is skin becomes inflamed and very sore - stop using all creams first, wash and dry with warm soft damp towel, then try savlon antiseptic cream, worked for me, anusol etc made mine worse - also sounds obvious but try not to itch!

  • U should give a try to mustard oil it is the best herbal cure for itching

  • I do not know what to tell you, my banding was the worst pain I ever had in my life, all gone now. I just let you know about Desitin, because it worked for me. I would go to a doc and get it looked at, you could have even a fungal infection...let them run a test? Then get the appropriate

    Medication. Best of luck!

  • I forgot to ask since ive had chronic hemmoroids a fre yes bow how long do i use the desitin for ?

  • When I had the problem there was no prescribed dictation, I just used as needed? Again I would go to the doc, and get your situation sorted out. The banding was very painful, but over, gone, healed up. Maybe u should look into getting them removed. Hope ur better soon, I know it is not fun!!!!!

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