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Anus pain in crohn disease ?

Well I really don't know how to start. Hello everyone . I have been diagnosed with crohn disease around 5 months ago. I was so disappointed of this life in that time I was thinking I will die :) . I was going to the toilet 10-15 times a day . Back to subject I have a pain in my anus for about two weeks sometime it's so worst than I can't sit down. I don't have hemoroids because I've done a colonoscopy 4 weeks ago and everything was fine. I had hemoroids in the past 5 years ago but they healed and I didn't had problems since than. So I know how the pain is . I've read some articles about its possible to be from crohn disease but I don't know what to think . My crohn its on the beginning of terminal ileum . Did anyone experience this kind of pain .? I am planing to go to a doctor but sometimes it's the pain isn't to high . Thanks everyone for taking time reading this. I know I need to see a doctor but I can't do anything until next week. Best wishes .. Alex

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At least you have a diagnosis and know what you're dealing with

Do you have access to a dietitian ?

There may also be local groups that you could join - I woukd thonk that your doctor or health centre nurses should know


I have tried various diets until now . But now I am feeling better just sometimes I have like abdominal pain and now this anus pain . I still get to loo around 5 times a day . I think the doctor will put me on imunosupresives but don't know for sure .


Do you see a dietitian


Not yet :( I have tried on my own to keep a diet on the beginning and I have eliminated most of food who making my situation worst. I am planing to see a dietitian in the future. Do you know anyone good ? I live in Kent .


I live in Kent too - but I have no contacts

With your condition I would have thought that your doctor would have referred you to a dietitian



It's perfectly possible to get anal pain in IBDs- I have UC rather than CD and in my recent flare I had rectal pain that felt like a hot poker was stabbing me! I found topical meds helped the pain the most, I was put on Prednisone suppositories. I would ask your Dr to do a rectal exam to see if there are signs of inflammation.

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Thanks for replying . I have an appointment with my doctor next week. I will let you know what he will tel me .


Hi - I have incredible wind type pain right up inside my bowel - spoke to the gastro doctor and they are just spasms which are very painful. I have to sit on the toilet to try and pass wind to relieve the pressure and the pain. It can even wake me in the middle of the night. Trapped wind I'd say. Cheers.


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