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A little help with my Ibs

Hi was diagnosed with IBS in 2015. Everything fine but in March this year started having really bad symptoms, tried to cut wheat and dairy out, did not help. My problem is tummy cramps and nausea, I have pain down centre of abdomen just above belly button, it feels like food on top of food , constipation and diaorreah. I take Buscapan for the tummy cramps, Imodium for diaorreah and senokot for constipation. All these tablets can't be helping. I now have developed a burning pain and grumbling in the tummy.

Have had blood tests even the CA125 which is the ovarian cancer one. All clear. I am waiting on an appt for a pelvic scan.

I always check for red flags which are weight loss, blood in poo, I have none of these.

I have good days but since March more bad days.

Anyone else going through the same.

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I had the food on top of food feeling once years ago, I ate more fibre and it sorted it, it might not be same thing as you though mine was down my left hand side. I even went the hospital and got x-rays done and it showed that I hadn't been digesting my food at all so it was just building up in my stomach.

Maybe you should get it checked.


Yeah sounds familiar, try using the FoodMaestro app to stop consuming the fodmaps. You will feel loads better.


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