Help is it ibs

Hi my doctor says he thinks I've ibs i suffer from bad constipation but luckily no stomach cramps only time I get those is if i indulge in chocolate biscuits crisps then I get diarrhoea.but I did have bad constipation the other day first bm for six days made me strain and i had to see doctor who said I've hemoroids and straining caused bruising.I'm waiting to see gastrointestinal got Lactolose

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  • Hey there

    You really need more confirmation first.....get things off the list


  • Don't understand your message

  • You need to find out exactly what you are dealing with, then you can find out what is causing the problems, it might just be a case of changing your diet, certain foods might be causing you problems. Best of luck

  • Check how much fibre you are taking,it sounds as though you do not eat enough

  • You need 30g a day

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