Does Colpermin really help?

How frequently do people take these? If I take more as I'm currently in pain will it make a difference? I'm often bloated and in pain ..I had a burger and some bread at lunch but since yesterday reckon it's come on as I didn't eat my normal healthy meals as was out of routine on holiday ..have suffered with what I assume is sluggish bowel and ibs since 18 in my 40s..v fed up😳

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  • I have used Colpermin on and off for years. As I have IBS C , I found that it can make me worse with a bloated stomach. It doesn't help me with my wind problems at all. I haven't found anything really that helps me.

  • As far as I know, colpermin is just branded peppermint oil with a 300% price hike. Peppermint oil seemed to help me a bit but it wasn't as magical as many others have experienced.

  • I've tried Colpermin several times over the years, my brother swears by them but I get little to no relief from them at all. I get Mebeverine on prescription but don't find they help much either. The only thing I can do is wait for it to pass which isn't as easy as it sounds. If you do find something that works I hope you will share it with us 😁

  • Definitely will do 😄Just makes me feel miserable on bad days then on a good day can hardly believe it will last long! Colpermin 2x2 afternoon and Andrews health salts before bed had good results in the morning if you know what I mean... and lots of mint tea 😳

  • My symptoms of bloating and stomach cramps seem to match yours with my ibs. Diarrhoea and constipation aren't really much of the issue unlike with many other sufferers. I have tried Colpermin peppermint capsules but unfortunately can't really say they have helped me much. I have taken so many different medications over the past 5 years (when my ibs first started I think) and not one has made a significant improvement for me. The crazy thing is though what does not works for one sufferer can work wonders for another, this is why ibs is such a frustrating debilitating illness.

  • Isn't it just 😳 At least we all understand what we're going through 😳I find feeding a family can be especially hard when I want to eat all god etong things! Pastries especially! my preferences have to be different but we manage better now there are more gluten free options all the family can have 👍

  • Yeah as I love food too it makes the whole thing even worse!

  • I have heard mixed things, a friend of mine really doesnt get on with it and makes them sick so i havent touched it

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