Suffering really bad!

Since Saturday I have been in pain with my stomach going around to my lower and upper back and its getting to me now! nothing that I take or do seams to ease the pain. I am really fed up and my doctors don't seam to be doing anything to help me! Im so tired as its keeping me up during the night, I just cant cope! :(

Can anyone recommend anything I can do or take to help ease the pain?

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  • is there any chance you would be able to fill in this survey for me please?; its only 10 questions and would really help with my college course. many thanks x

  • It sounds to me like gall stones. Have you still got your gall bladder? My advice is to see your doctor. Hope you soon feel better

  • Thank you for your reply, I finally managed to get into the doctors yesterday who thinks I have an infection, as my stomach and bowels are very tender and enlarged. Been advised that I need to stay away from solids and just drink fluids in a hope to flush it all out! here's to hoping :)

  • I've had this since I was 9 years old - I'm 51 now - never been prescribed anything and go through patches like this about every six weeks. Hopefully the others can help you.

  • Ive had this sine I was 5 and Im now 11 but ive been recommended light yoga to tighten the stomach muscles and I suggest being in a non stressful place

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