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New here really scared.

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For ages now I've had a pain under my left breast area,sometimes stabbing sometimes just a dull ache. theres no trigger with food it either happens or doesn't been waiting for a camerra down my throat since April and Ive just now sent a complaint in. can somebody tell me if they are getting the same pain. my anxiety levels are through the roof and I'm finding my life a real struggle.


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Hi Gary666,

Your stomach is situated in the area where you get the pain hence the reason you're being sent for a gastroscopy. Unfortunately, the NHS takes ages to get itself into gear these days unless a GP is particularly concerned and requests an urgent appointment so, take comfort from the fact that yours obviously doesn't think it's anything too serious.

The most common cause of pain of any kind in the stomach is trapped wind which can be caused by constipation or, at least, not completely emptying your bowels (even though you may think you have). I suggest you try a laxative, such as Movicol, and see if you get any relief from doing that.


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Thank you, I willing to try that but excuse my next few words but I do go regularly sometimes five six times a day, can you still be constipated after that many times?

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It's possible to 'go' that many times and still have stool stuck somewhere in your bowel, it only takes a small amount to cause wind pain. It isn't, of course, true constipation, but it can cause just as many problems.

It may be something completely different such as heartburn or an ulcer, just thought it was something worth trying until you get the camera test done.

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I shall give it a go I've got nothing to lose. Thanks

Hi, I've suffered with this in the past and even ended up in A&E as the pain was so bad I thought it was a heart wasn't. Tests showed that my heart and blood pressure were absolutely fine. It was acid/heart burn made worse by stress from work and me worrying that there was something wrong with my heart. I now take Raniditine (Zantac) when I need them and have cut out foods that trigger acid. For me it was because I was following a healthy eating plan and was drinking warm water with lemon in it every morning! As a treat at that time I was having a bottle of cider on a Friday night which I now know is a major trigger! I have cut that out plus things like red wine, tomotoes, onion and garlic (onion and garlic can also be triggers for IBS. I have spent time finding out through trial and error what foods I can't eat and now largely lead an Acid reflux/IBS free life. Finding out what FODMAPS foods affect me had made a massive difference and I just avoid the ones I can't eat most of the time or take mebeverine on the odd occasion I do eat them. I would avoid taking a laxative if you have IBSD and the pains are in your chest.

I know it's all too easy to say but sometimes just the fear can exacerbate the pain associated with any Are which gives us concern. So far you have done all that you can, and , believe me, I am only too aware of the frustration you are currently feeling. Are there any medications that bring you relief ? Is there any particular time of day that is the worst ? Does eating a meal increase or alleviate it ? And how are you at night, when you are lying down ? I'm sure you have monitored it very thoroughly but at the end of the day, you are the number one expert on you own body. Until you have a firm diagnosis, you have to try and live with it - perhaps meditation and relaxation therapy can help you to be at peace with the proceed instead of living in fear. There are so many possible causes that are nothing like worst case - scenarios - I do hope you manage to enjoy your holiday and inform your body that you will attend to its pressing needs on your return.

From Annie of Cornwall

My pain relief comes from Ibuprofen a bad pill to take for stomach issues I know, when I lay down I feel ok every now and then I need the loo in the night but not often. Pain and bloating starts in the morning after breakfast and that is either muesli or a boiled egg. I ride my bike three times a day for five miles and I'm almost never in pain while on it! I've googled my symptoms so many times now I've scared myself to death. I kind of want there to be something wrong so it can get sorted but everyday I'm convinced I'm dieing of some sort of cancer x

Hi there Gary, I've been getting it for years and have had it more of late, I find it difficult to breath when it happens and just have to take short shallow breaths and wait until it goes.

Same area for me and they suspect pancreas! You can check into that maybe. Good luck. I know how awful this is!!

Your pain sounds like trapped wind but could also be linked to anxiety. Anxiety can cause lots of physical symptoms your body is stressed and needs to relax. I know relaxing is hard when we are not in control and worrying but it may be the key to reducing your symptoms. Would recommend reading Anxiety Panicking About Panic by Justin Fletcher. Try some meditation or relaxation vids on YouTube. I'd also try switching from ibuprofen to paracetamol or cocodamol.

It might not seem like some foods are triggering your IBS but you could be sensitive to some foods like wheat and dairy they are the most common. Try Rennie Deflatine for your trapped wind. Have you tried any prescribed meds for your IBS? I take mebeverine maybe mention to your docs to try something that may help ease your symptoms. Good luck x

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