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Please help have a lot of pain and don't know what to do or weekday it is from

Hi I am in a lot of pain it started last week on Saturday night I started throwing up but then was okay on Easter day but really have not been able to eat much or drink much since then and then throw upm again Wednesday night and been bloated since I have really really bad pain in my right side under my rib cage and it feels like it is getting worse it hurts to breathe and I'm also very bloated I can Burp but now I'm having a hard time farting and I get hungry but am only able to take a few bites as that's all my body will let me the same with drinks what should in do any ideas any b hello b would be great thank you in advance 

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I'm sorry you haven't had any replies to your post, but I think you flummoxed us all by your symptoms.

Have things improved any for you in the last 24 hours?



You really need to see your doctor. Vomiting is not part of IBS so the fact you have been throwing up means something else is going on. 


Hope you've gone to your local ER by now.  It may be gall stones or could be other things.  Only medical examination will tell.


I get really pad pain in that area and vomit because of my gall stones. Sometimes it feels like a heart attack but it's too low to be my heart. Also get pain in my back with it sometimes too. I was given an ultrasound scan as an inpatient to check for gall stones and turns out I have quite a few. Next time  when your pain is bad and you're feeling sick go to A&E because any pain in your chest should be checked out! Tell the doctor how severe it is and that friends have suggested gall stones may be to blame and they should organise an ultrasound. If they don't then ask for one. Hope you get the help you need  You'll also feel better once you get a firm diagnosis!! Good luck!!


Thank you everyone in was told to increase my fiber intake and take a gas relife pill 2 at a time 3 Times a day and also to increase my fluild intake as well it is that I am to bulit up with poop and there is not much they can do as I have lived with this my whole life if anything changes I Will update thank you


I understand all too well, how does anyone keep a job when they are like this. I have missed so much worked I would not be surprised if I am let go.


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