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Hi all, my first posting and would like some advice, feedback for my problem please.

Main problem started about 3.5 weeks ago with cramping pains lower abdomen and not being able to relieve it by going to the loo. Since then experienced having the need for a BM soon after waking in the morning. Then felt OK til later in the day when got feeling of heaviness/ wind in lower abdomen. Uncomfortable and sometimes getting a feeling of dread and increased pulse rate before it eventually passes (without BM). The last couple of days have been different. Wanting to have BM after getting up but constipated (managing a forced amount and then a bit better later on in the afternoon)

Had a bowel blood screening last August which was fine, no bleeding, bit of weight loss but maybe because I cut out crisps and biscuits and reduced alcohol a bit. Without the discomfort I feel fine, have energy and an appetite.

GP sent me for blood tests and says might be IBS or Coeliac.

Any thoughts IBS, Coeliac, Cancer?

PS I'm 65


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Thanks for your reply and advice. So, from my symptoms you think it could be IBS.....that's better than alternatives. Will see what my blood test come back like.


Definitely could be IBS - I wouldn't stress about other potential things until you are screened for the others. Have you had a colonoscopy yet? I suspect that would be the next step after various blood and stool tests.

I'd recommend keeping a diary of food and symptoms - either to help yourself rule out any potential food causes, and if you see a gastroenterologist you're ahead of the game with your records. You can get a cheap ap for your phone so you don't need to write everything down at the end of the day.


thanks for your reply. No, not had colonoscopy. Had a sig...oscopy about 13 years ago following similar sort of disorder and that was clear


Probably worth having a colonoscopy as that will rule out anything more sinister. It's probably ibs though. Your symptoms sound quite similar to mine.

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Before launching into fodmap etc which can be time consuming, have you tried Acidophilus tablets? Its one of those things that can't do you any harm anyway so its worth a shot. Not too pricey either. They seem to really help me although I can still have bouts now and then but I'm on the fodmap diet so its obviously something I'm eating. Digestive enzyme tablets can help too. If you DO have IBS you'll soon realise there isn't a one solution fits all option and it can take time to root out the cause/causes but the over the counter tablets are a good place to start. Its easier said than done but don't worry too much about the nasties without any diagnosis. IBS seems to be the diagnosis with 99% of all guts related problems and stress can be a factor. Good luck with your tests

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Thanks very much for your feedback. I'll see how I go then try your suggestion if no improvement


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