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I've suffered from IBS & Diverticulosis since i was a child, I am now 62. It's almost a daily event of some sort or another. It starts hurting under under my right breast then then moves to my abdomen and my lower stomach. It can get so bad I can't even yell for help, walk or anything. It totally kills me, so unbearable. I've been hospitalized also. Recently only after the attack my eyes turn very red and this last for a few minutes. Does anyone else have this problem?

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So sorry you are in pain Lyndalee -I cannot give you any advise about the red eye. I am around the same age as you and have IBS-d and diverticular disease so can understand how you feel and that's why I felt compelled to answer you. Don't give up there will be an answer and this community is a good start I am sure someone will help you. Good Luck x


Red ete poss peak in blood pressure,tell doc


Hi lyndalee. My husband suffers from both after colonoscopy discovered diverticular and (tenderness for ibs as this cannot be identified via colonoscopy).

As you know the problem with diverticular disease is lack of fibre in diet and if you have ibs this aggravates the diverticular (pockets) which have formed in the upper or lower part of your colon.

The first thing I did for him was

1. Change your diet - you will need to keep a food diary as my husband found that some high fibre foods caused gas which irritated.

2. Instead of 3 meals a day eat 5. A little and often approach sometimes allows your body to digest.

3. Eat slow, no rush. Living in a chaotic world we eat on the move, not good.

4. Fibre gel which you can get at chemists, a sachet last thing at night.

5. A pro biotic tablet once a day, you can get these at Holland and Barrett

And finally what he feels is the best thing of all

Silicolgel which you can get at Boots. It is produced in Germany contains the 2nd most abundant element after oxygen so all natural. It coats the tummy. The pharmacist raved about it as she too suffers from lifelong ibs.

I can only say that he does not suffer as badly as he did. Double check with your doctor before you start any meds but as these are issued on the high street I doubt there would be a problem.

It is all trial and error unfortunately.

Best regards.


I have not been diagnosed with diverticulosis, but I have with ibs. I have been getting dry red eyes when I have been having a particular bad episode, but when I told the doctor he said there was no connection. I am not sure this is right, as it is too much of a coincidence it happens every time! I have had my eyes checked and they are fine. I was told by someone else that it can be the start of an autoimmune illness - sjorgens is one such that affects the eyes. My mouth is sometimes very dry too.


Lyndalee don't you have any other symptoms with Ibs and diverculitus and do you suffer everyday with it?


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