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Sore tummy

I have ibs, acid reflux and anxiety and at the moment i have a really sore and achy tummy, it is sore at the front of my tummy under my belly button ( sort of bikini line area) and a little to the left, and i have been having a pain like a niggle/ spasm/ stitch under my left rib. I also have a slight low backache and think i might be weeing more. My tummy has been really loud today with grumbling noises which also feel like they are in my bottom. While eating my dinner last night i needed to burp but it wouldn't come up and this has been happening today as well. I seem to be passing alot a wind from the other end more than usual today. I have been taking mebeverine and paracetamol but not feeling much better, starting to worry something might be wrong, but think its more likely an ibs flare up.

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Hi this pretty much sounds like me on a day to day basis, the key is to listen to your body and keep a food diary to see what triggers this. Your symptoms are more or less the same mine. One of my triggers are portion size. I should only have a mini plate and then return for more later. Try to to stress because that is part of the cycle x


Hi you need to see GP when I get this its because of the Acid Reflux-you need some GAVISCON are LANZOPROZLE

All the best


Hi, i have omeperzole and gaviscon which i took last night.


Hi, thanks for your replies, ive had a bad nights sleep, think i have been awake more than asleep, i was having waves of sickness and feeling generally restless, then i rolled over this morning and had a sharp pain between my shoulders in the middle of my back and now i cant turn my head much, i suffer with the top of my back, neck and shoulders due to muscle tightness from anxiety.


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