Sore legs sorry its lengthly

Hi, I have ibs, i have sore legs the pain is at the top where my leg crease is, it is mostly on the left (but the right hurts too ) i mentioned it to my doctor who said it was probably from straining as i was very constipated and was given meds called laxido, but this last week it has been more constant and today when i woke its very painful. The pain is at the top of my leg near the middle where the squishy bit is which is a little swollen (hardly noticable) i have what feels like aching weak muscles all down the front of my legs to my knees, my lower back / bottom hurt but not all the time my legs feel weak when i stand, i feel quite sick at times and hot flushes I thought it might be sciatica as my lower legs can hurt too, or a blood clot. i rang the out of hours doctor at 1am and he said its not a clot (only one leg would hurt and no other symptoms) he also said back/ bottom pain could be sciatica but could be a trapped nerve. Now im feeling pain in my lower tummy and hips. i am now experiencing a grumbly tummy and reflux, its 4 am now and im so tired, doctor has made me an appointment at 10am , he suggested a hot water bottle and paracetamol. Any help you please i also have anxiety. No horror stories already freaking out.x

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  • I have similar problems but less intense. I have IBS,the constipation kind. It all seems to happen when I need to have a bowel movement as the symptoms go after a movement

    I find golden linseed a great help

  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same I've now been told that it's nerve pain and I'm on amitriptyline I find hot water bottles help it definitely gets worse when I'm constipated so I make sure I take laxido regularly.speak to your doctor ask to see a dietitian they can really help you to deal with the ibs and constipation.also Epson salts in a warm bath can help with muscle soreness.

    All the best treez

  • Hi, thanks for reply, doctor says pain in my back is mechanical, pain in my leg is a pulled muscle and tummy pain is ibs flare up as i had 7 bm's in 3 hours. I have been put back on amitripyline and pain killers.

  • I hope it improves soon.i take a daily probiotic which does help with my stomach

  • Hi I have this sometimes. I rub ibropriofen gel in the crease. It seems to ease the pain. Hope this helps

  • I cant use that im allergic just using a hot water bottle

  • Hi, thanks today im very achy, i have the vibrating/ humming feeling down in my right side just above the pelvic bone and achy pain down the back of that leg to my knee. I just dont know what to do with myself.

  • Chiropractic or phyical Therapy could help nerve pain down leg a lot. Also people with IBS seem to often have low magnesium and potassium - make sure you right your levels too. It sounds like sciatica.

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