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i am currently sat up in bed at 1am with tummy ache and a hot water bottle, it woke me the night before at 3am and ive had an ache all day. Where your natural crease is in your tummy just above your belly button thats where the pain is following down the shape of my ribs to my sides/ hips, its like a gnawing / cramping pain i also have pain in my back and tonight i have loud grumbling noises and a bit of wind and a weird feeling in my throat like an irritation, i have just burped and had a vile tasting fliud come up. My tummy is bloated and very uncomfortable especially near my ribs feels like i want to burst. I have ibs and reflux and take omeprazole once aday. My monthly cycle is also due which isnt helping. Any advice please.

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  • I'm omeprazole twice a day as this started happening to me at night, so now I take one in the morning and one 12 hours later, this works for me, or if you didn't want to take extra pills you could try raising the head part of your bed up......only read this works never tried it tho as have the thought it will fall off the bricks in the night n squish my cat

    Hope you find some relief

  • Hi, do you get all the tummy pain too.

  • I get the upper stomach pain just under the ribs. I have a hiatus hernia as well n when the bloating that high up I get the pain, makes it hard to breathe

  • Thanks, i have made a doctors appointment, but i fear they will say its a combo ibs, reflux and my monthly cycle, not sure weather to cancel it. I also suffer with anxiety and get fed up with going to doctors.

  • Hi lolly, honestly with what you're describing I would go back to your doctor and insist they send you to a gastroenterologist because whilst we can all relate to your pain we're not doctors and I personally feel it would be wrong to advise you, incase its wrong. That being said have you been tested for celiac's disease? My sister is a celiac and has the burping and vile taste you have described and the pain. Maybe a trip to the doctor or A&E if it happens like this again at night. Good luck Lolly I'm sorry I personally couldn't help further than this. 😃

  • Hi lolly, I have been having symptons like this on and off for the last 12ish years. I have been prescribed Omeprazole time and time again. The symptons do die down for either a short while, or long periods, then they just appear again. I have had numerous blood tests all came back negative. Although, my iron levels where low. Was sent for a ultrasound to check for Gall stones....Nothing? Then for a Endoscopy/Colonoscopy mid-December still waiting for results??? They never gave me any indicaton that they had spotted anything. The vile tasing fluid is most likely just you burping up bile due to back pressure. My next step is having my Thyroid checked as that numbing tingley feeling is sitting there almost constantly now. It is aggravating, frustrating and painful at times, I can only empathise with the last line. Hopefully we will get to a final result sometime soon.

  • I have recently had my gall bladder removed. The symptoms are a very intense cramp above belly button level like a mixture of indigestion and heart burn. It lasted between 1 and 3 days at a time with me and is awful. Your gallbladder is under your right rib so pain can intensify there and also around your back and into shoulder blades. Gall stones run in my family so I asked doctor for a scan and sure enough I had a stone the size of a Ping pong ball. This was blocking the function of the gallbladder which is to release bile to breakdown fat. This causes the pain as your body cant digest fat properly. Your pain may be something else but I thought it may help to consider this,

    Hope you solve the issue,


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