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So i suffer from ibs, reflux and anxiety, on tuesday my monthly started it was very heavy, wednesday i felt unwell, i had a tummy ache and generally felt tired and washed out but still managed to go to work. Wednesday night i woke with bad tummy ache and pains higher up (where your bra sits) it felt like a belt/band around me, my tummy was very grumbly and i kept passing wind, i also felt sick, dizzy and hot sweats and had loose stools. Thursday i had doctors appointment and mentioned it, she said it sounded like my ibs and reflux. Today (friday) i still feel washed out, still have lightheadness, grumbly tummy, i also have a weird feeling at the front of my tummy, it feels like a gnawing, burning feeling also like a vibration sometimes, its starting to worry me. My whole tummy feels uncomfortable

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  • I recommand checking your heart and blood pressure

  • Sounds very much like my symptoms although I don't usually have problems overnight & no longer have periods to make things worse!!! I take omeprazole for the acid part of this but still get the pains right across my middle which are sometimes just an ache & others are horrendous. Tests show nothing wrong so my GP believes it is wind being trapped along my transverse colon & especially at the 2 'kinks' at either side. I find that if I massage it a lot then it does help & invariably some gas does escape after that!!! It still drives me insane at times when it is bad as then I have trouble believing that it is something so simple. I've cut out gluten, am following the Low Fodmap Diet as much as possible & am now taking the probiotic Symprove. Fingers crossed. Yoga & other exercises also me loads.

    I hope you find some answers too.

  • My pain was across my transverse colon as well, GP said it's localised IBS, it stopped once I started on the FODMAP diet 👍🏼

  • Hi Lynnetod, What is the FODMAP diet please?

  • It's the diet for IBS sufferers to follow. FODMAP's are the collective term for the sugars in food that cause fermentation in the gut. You have to cut them out of your diet. Follow the Kings College London website, and download the FoodMaestro app. The website will explain all ( much better than my short version 😂).

  • Mine started with what I thought was lactose intolerance, then discovered even when I gave up that I still had symptoms, a long path to find out it was IBS 😩

  • Thank you Lynnetod, do GPs recommend it?

  • Absolutely

  • Keep an eye on what you are eating especially around your period x

  • Yep sounds like classic fermentation symptoms, poor you 😩. Is the pain across the bottom of your ribs , right to left and then grumbling all the way down ???( transverse colon, that's where the food ferments after coming out of your stomach I am told )

  • Hi, pain is along my tummy sort of across my belly button where the natural crease is maybe a little higher feels like tightness, gnawing, burning its uncomfortable the grumbling is lower down i think.

  • That's the one, it's not your stomach because it's higher up

  • Apart from fodmap what else can i do to help?

  • Lots of info on here about other things you can take, I don't take anything. Try the FODMAP diet it should work very quickly which will take away the pain. Look up the Kings College London IBS site for info. Good luck

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