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Newly diagnosed IBS

Hi everyone.

I wanted to introduce myself.

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS, although have always had bowel problems.

When I was 21 I was admitted with acute colitis, incredible pain and passing fresh blood and mucus.

Two years ago when I was pregnant with my son I was ill in hospital with severe hyperemesis gravidarum and I caught clostridium difficile.

Aside from this I have always suffered bloating, wind and constipation, and when nervous diarrhoea.

Lately I've had a lot of pelvic pain, going into my hip and leg, I feel heavy in my pelvis and when I need the toilet the pain is worse. I also have uterine fibroids and a prolapse so I thought the symptoms were caused by this. However when I mentioned to the GP it's worse when I'm constipated she's going along the lines of IBS and prescribed me laxatives and mebeverine.

I'm a slim build but I often get mistaken for being pregnant because my belly is so bloated.

I have constant pain, a dull ache low down and in my right side.

At times when I go to the toilet I just pass wind and a clear like jelly substance. I feel like I can never fully open my bowels and at work I'm back and forth to the toilet to either pass wind or try and have my bowels open.

Is this typical of IBS from your experiences?

I've heard of the low fodmaps diet but this needs to be prescribed by a dietician. Will I need to drastically change what I eat?

Many thanks for reading

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Really need a proper diagnosis, not just saying probably IBS, all the best took me ten years before getting actual diagnosis.😕


Sorry should have made myself clearer. I've got IBS for sure. GP thinks my ongoing pelvic and hip pain which is getting worse is probably caused by the IBS rather than the fibroids.


Have you been checked for gluten intolerance?


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