Started with having diahorea and the pain emptying my bowels,kept visiting toilet but was only passing small amounts although I thought I needed to keep on toilet ,my bowels did not want to close,I had to strip myself naked because I was absolutely sweating,2 days on now and I feel very tender around my pelvis and when I go to sit I feel tender around my bottom as if I have a prolapse that needs to be pushed up,l have been feeling ill and no energy ,I have had mild symptoms like this in the past but never like this one,could this be IBS  

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  • If it persists just go gp and submit stool sample just to eliminate bad bugs.

  • IBS is just a label people get stuck with when doctors cannot find a reason for their problems and, believe me, you really don't want one of those!

    I have a mild prolapse (rectocele) and also intussusception (where part of the bowel telescopes into itself) and these used to give me similar difficulties to those you describe - both can cause stool to become stuck.

    See your GP and hopefully he'll give you a referral to a colorectal consultant. In the meantime, magnesium citrate (available from health food shops) and glycerine suppositories may help you.


  • Thanks Rosie,I did not have anything left in my bowels to pass,the recent diahorea must have brought down piles which now I think could have caused the discomfort around my bottom,although l feel a bit better now and ate a light meal for the first time in 4 days I,m hopeful that this was just a stomach bug,I will never ever let this happen again without seeing a doctor xx

  • Could be bowel infection, so definitely see GP soon.

  • Go see GP. I do understand the sweating though, its dreadful  add the pain and all sorts of things run through your mind.  At times when having a bad episode my hobby has wanted to call ambulance.  Please see GP to put your mind at ease.

  • It's a very tiring condition that people who don't have don't understand. I go to the gym everyday and eat very well but now and again it pops out of nowhere. It's so tiring yes! Keep eating well. Exercising. And taking great supplements. Also just do what makes you feel comfortable during that time  stressing about going somewhere etc will only makes it worse  keep yourself cool and take shower etc.. The sweat is a symptom of panic 


  • hi i get bad sweat at night - it's easy for gp's to say menopausal or stress but it can also be a sign of other things like infection or something not right in your body - toxins or disease.

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